SKS Velocage bottle cage review

A well priced, robust and easy-to-use bottle cage from the German mudguard supremos

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(Image credit: Paul Grele)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you need a light and strong bottle cage with light pressure bottle removal and insertion the SKS Velocage is one to consider

Reasons to buy
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    Light to use

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Reasons to avoid
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    Styling is a bit more on the mtb side

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The SKS Velocage (RRP £11.99) is a fairly light and robustly designed bottle cage which is made in Germany. Although it is made from a plastic, SKS is sure enough of its product to offer a five-year warranty on it, and sure enough it will deal with the rigours of mountain biking as well as commuting and road riding.

SKS Velocage with bottle

(Image credit: Paul Grele)

The ride

The SKS Velocage's opening is slightly squared off to provide some flex between the front and sides of the cage, allowing it to securely hold all common bottle types. There is a lot of cage in contact with the bottle as it encases it on all sides. However it is still easy to insert and remove a bottle on the move. 

There is a tab to hold onto the shoulder of the bottle, which is common to most bottle cages. In fact, it was such an easy removal I wondered whether it could disgorge a bidon on a rough descent. So I made my way to a local stretch of potholed lane and rode as fast as I dared and... nothing! The 700ml (790g) full bottle didn’t budge, although there was a small amount of shimmy from the vibration. Quite impressive really, as usually a small amount of force is needed to start the removal process off with other cages that I have used.


The bottle opening is slightly squared off

(Image credit: Paul Grele)

There is 16mm of adjustment via the slotted holes of the boss plate to fine tune the SKS Velocage's position on the bike frame. 

It weighed a reasonable 40g/41g (manufacturer's v author's measurements).

Boss plate

16mm of adjustment via the slotted holes of the boss plate

(Image credit: Paul Grele)

Value and conclusion

There are four finishes available: Black, Sapphire Blue, Basalt Grey and Petrol Green. All are matt colours and pretty muted but should allow an amount of matching to a contemporary frame colour. At a RRP of £11.99 the SKS Velocage is reasonably priced.

So if you need a light and strong bottle cage with light-pressure bottle removal and insertion this is one to consider.


  • Weight: 40g/41g (manufacturer's/author's measurements)
  • Adjustment: 16mm
  • RRP at time of writing: £11.99

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