GripGrab leg warmers review

We put these zip-free leg warmers to the test in a range of temperatures to see how they fared

GripGrab leg warmers

GripGrab leg warmers

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Almost faultless leg warmers will see you right from early Autumn almost to the deepest depths of Winter. They can cope with a range of temperatures but you may have to switch to bibtights on the very coldest days

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great fit

  • +


  • +

    Good top gripper

  • +

    No zips

  • +

    Seams aren't abrasive

  • +

    Good value for money when compared against some rival brands

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The inseam label could be better positioned

  • -

    Might not cope with the coldest winter days

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The GripGrab leg warmers came out the box looking a bit like two unshaped tubes of material, as appears in the above image.

However, once they are on the well designed and manufactured fit is instantly clear, and the initial appearance gives a thankfully false impression.

Comfort is excellent: the top gripper holds the warmers exactly where you want them and you soon forget you've got them on. That's unless you get the label caught up with the gripper at the top.

GripGrab leg warmers on leg with GripGrab overshoe

The GripGrab leg warmers look and feel great when they're on

This is a very minor thing, but the position of the care label means it can get folded over and irritate your leg. Easily solved by the user, it could be entirely solved if sewn somewhere else, for example near the ankle.

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A light fleece lining gives the leg warmers a wide comfort temperature range meaning they can be warn from the first chilly Autumnal morning right through to most of the way into winter.

Their breathability extends the temperature range they can be used in by compensating for some of the heat build-up on those days when you go out overdressed (we've all been there).

They aren't super-thermal, and many riders will want an extra layer around the shorts area anyway, so these may be superseded by bib tights during the coldest depths of the off-season.

GripGrab high vis leg warmers on legs

The high vis leg warmers are for braver riders on very dark rides, especially when paired with high vis oversocks

The GripGrab leg warmers come in two colour options: black and high vis. The black ones look sleek and can be matched with any choice of shorts, shoes and overshoes.

The high vis, however, are not for shy and retiring riders as you'll definitely get seen, and definitely be looked at. Stored away for the darkest commutes or foggiest days, these are unlikely to get any daylight ride time.

That said, if they match your kit or are your sort of thing, the comfort, fit and warmth are exactly the same as the black ones - as you'd expect - so you won't go wrong in those respects.


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