Assos Mille GTS Spring/Fall Bib Shorts - the perfect shorts for cooler rides and more

Designed for those months of uncertain weather, Assos’ Spring/Fall shorts go above and and beyond in terms of versatility and comfort

Male cyclist wearing the Assos Mille GTS Spring/Fall Bib Shorts
(Image credit: Owen Rogers)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Until I tried these shorts I had never seen the point of fall or spring shorts, but the moment I put them on I got it. They're incredibly versatile, especially when you add a pair of knee or leg warmers. The fit is is perfect, making them beautifully comfortable and they’re well built.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Supreme comfort

  • +

    Luxury feel

  • +


  • +

    That good old Assos quality

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    $250 / £190 might be too much for some

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Unless you get it spot-on, spring and fall can be difficult seasons to dress for - it's easy to end up either freezing or a sweaty mess. Unlike many of the best bib shorts we've reviewed, which are designed specifically for summer riding, Assos has constructed these shorts for the 'transitional' seasons, equipping them with their most comfortable pad and adding water repellence for good measure.

Assos Mille GTS Spring/Fall: construction

Assos love to group their kit into classifications and they can be confusing. Save to say their Mille line is their comfort range and the GTS Spring-Fall line is not only designed for those months of uncertain weather, but also for comfort on longer rides. 

The shorts are built around what the brand describe as its “ultraplush multilayer insert,” and the plushness of Mille GTS C2 insert is obvious the moment you fish the shorts out of the tissue paper-filled box. 

There’s the normal waffle construction and ‘goldenGate’ floating attachment of other Assos shorts and other than the colour it looks much like any other Assos pad, but at 13mm it’s four millimetres thicker than that in the sportier, differently shaped Equipe series equivalent.

The other thing you notice is the fleecy lining which gives the shorts their insulation. There are two fabrics at work here, with RX EVO on the main body of the garment, which is so beautifully luxurious and warming, and a lighter version across the crotch.

The Mille GTS C2 insert inside the Assos Mille GTS Spring/Fall Bib Shorts

(Image credit: Owen Rogers)

Assos Mille GTS Spring/Fall: the ride

Love at first wear.

The fleecy fabric is so luxurious putting them on is an absolute pleasure, and the comfort focussed Mille fit suits my chunkier-than-the average-cyclist physique perfectly.

I’ve used these shorts in a huge variety of temperatures and any misgivings I had about the concept of cool weather shorts have disappeared. The first ride was at 16 degrees and while otherwise I might have worn knee warmers in that temperature, I didn’t bother. I was right not to, they were perfect, the insulation spot on. 

At the other end of the scale I wore them with an old pair of Assos leg warmers on a dry morning that was 8 degrees. Again no issues with cold and I reckon they can easily be worn when it’s even colder.

The indoor trainer is perhaps beyond the scope of their intended use, but my turbo is in the garage and it gets very cold in there. Despite that, riding the turbo is always a sweaty affair and not only were these shorts comfortable for some Zwift workouts, the pad thick enough to prevent numbness and never bulky, they were warm enough when I started and cool enough when I was dripping with sweat. They never got clammy.

Assos say the shorts are longer in the leg than standard models and while that's visibly obvious they don't feel long, though I have noticed they don't ride up, the grippers doing their job with aplomb.

Unlike the Equipe Series shorts and tights, the Mille line doesn’t benefit from the extra stability apparently offered by the shoulder straps extending down to the top of the pad. It makes no difference, these shorts don’t move, plonk yourself back in the saddle after a hard effort and the pad is where it’s supposed to be.

Male cyclist wearing the Assos Mille GTS Spring/Fall Bib Shorts

(Image credit: Owen Rogers)

Assos Mille GTS Spring/Fall: value and conclusion

The Mille GTS are nowhere near the Swiss company’s most expensive bit of kit - that’s the Johdah jacket we tested recently - and they’re not its priciest shorts either, but $250 / £190 is a decent chunk of cash. However, they are hugely versatile adding to their worth, add some knee and leg warmers and they can take the place of tights on all but the coldest winter days. I and plenty of others have long realised Assos shorts last many a year.

We rated the the Le Col Sport Thermal Cargo Bib Shorts very highly when they were tested last year, and in my experience the British company’s products are of a comparable standard, though neither the fit or chamois suit me as well as Assos. 

At $205 / £165 the Le Cols are a little cheaper than these Assos shorts, and come with a similar spec to those on test here, they even have added pockets on the legs. But if you prefer cleaner lines and the Assos name, the extra cost shouldn't be prohibitive.

They're certainly my favourite shorts. Ever. 

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