Arundel Dual saddle bag review

Arundel’s ‘middle sibling’ saddle bag evokes cycling nostalgia with its traditional features.

arundel dual saddle bag
arundel dual saddle bag
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Arundel Dual saddle bag is an elegant and great value saddlebag with just a couple of little flaws. The simple, classic design will appeal to a lot of riders but be sure to tighten properly and check contents after rain.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easily swallows two tubes and tools

  • +

    Narrow design doesn’t interfere with pedalling

  • +

    Colour options allow you to match your bike

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lets water in easily through the zip

  • -

    Single strap can cause more rub on delicate seatposts

  • -

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The Arundel Dual saddle bag is the Texan company’s middle brother in its saddle bag range, larger than the Uno but not quite as large as the Tubi. It has a very retro and simple look in its appearance and also its function.

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As its name states, the Arundel Dual saddle bag is more than capable of storing two standard inner tubes. Alongside the tubes there was enough spare space to store a CO2 inflator, multi-tool, tyre levers and spare CO2 cartridge. The contents were easy to access due to the standard, non waterproof zip spanning almost half of its circumference.

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The oval and thin shape of the pack is very traditional and looks great on the bike. The pack is made of a hardwearing and durable canvas and has seven colour options for the trim, to match your bike or for a different bag for each day of the week!

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The design of the Arundel Dual saddle bag is not perfect though, despite its ample capacity. The lack of waterproof zip and unsealed seams meant items left inside did get damp in the rain. In use the simple, single strap system does mean that the pack can move about quite a bit unless fully packed. This also brings about some annoying rattling unless the pack is cinched to within an inch of its life.

There is a handsome leather path to protect your seatpost but rubbing does still occur. A small strap for around the seatpost would make it slightly slower to mount but would cure the problems.

For more details visit the Saddlback website.

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