Bellroy Phone Wallet review

The Phone Wallet is another logical and stylish product from travel brand Bellroy, but is its £65 justifiable?

BellRoy Phone Wallet
Cycling Weekly Verdict

As the norm with Bellroy products, the Phone Wallet is a stylish and well-thought-out item that will protect your phone from damage and the elements. However, it is pricey and looked roughed-up and showed the dirt very quickly. It also isn't the best at neatly covering the screen due to a weak magnet that fell out after three months.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Protects phone well

  • +

    Well designed and easy to use

  • +

    Discolours quickly

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    Poor magnet connection

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Travelling with an expensive phone is always a risk and even if it's insured it's always a good idea to take measures to protect it...  and that's where the Bellroy Phone Wallet comes in.

The Bellroy Phone Wallet is designed to hold some notes, cards and even folds to hold your phone up sideways, which is good when using the likes of Zwift with your phone (not ideal, I know).

The case surrounds the phone well and did a great job at protecting my iPhone – even from drops. With the cover over the screen it was protected from scratches and suchlike that might be acquired from being in a pocket or bag, so almost six months later my phone is still in great condition.

BellRoy Phone Wallet

Handy card sleeves keep everything contained nicely

For someone who doesn't like bulk or carrying too much I found the Bellroy Phone Wallet card slots really useful. Out on a ride I didn't need to ensure I had both my phone and wallet (because if I had one I had the other!) and didn't need to use two pockets, either.

The two separate card sections offer versatility. One for frequently used cards and the other for cards or cash that are maybe used less often – these are slightly harder to get at as you'll need to open the flap fully.

The problems start with the hard outer case where the nice eucalyptus colour changed within first week of use – discoloured immediately by hands, sweat and general use. The outer, although robust, shows every mark and slight scratches are very obvious and not easy to remove – annoying considering the price.

You are treated to a luxurious feel, though, with quality materials that feel expensive and soft to the touch. The leather used is environmentally certified.

Unfortunately, the magnet used to hold the screen flap closed fell out within three months, so it doesn’t close securely any more and previous to the magnet falling out wasn't the most secure closure system I've seen anyway. This meant it was annoying when handling, as the cover always slid around or was half off the screen when in my bag or pocket.

The Bellroy Phone Wallet costs a lot of money compared to other cases doing the same thing, especially considering the magnet fell out and then didn’t function that well, along with the discolouring. However, Bellroy does give a three-year warranty which would cover much of our findings.

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