Lezyne Road Drive M pump




  • Great build quality
  • Long pump stroke
  • Tough bracket


  • Fiddly handle

Price as reviewed:


The Lezyne Road Drive M mini pump is an excellent piece of kit. It’s not like any pump out there, with a full alloy construction that has been manufactured to a level of quality that is unusual in the pump world. Its mounting bracket of extruded aluminium only adds to the high workmanship.

Its design is equally different; the Lezyne does not use a right-handled head but a removable hose stored within its body, screwing into the pump and then onto the head. Obviously taking hints from more traditional pumps, this is no bad thing, as the presta-only hose screws onto the valve, offering a secure connection, and its flexibility means that at high pressures you’re unlikely to bend the valve core.

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Pumping is a cinch; this pump is almost like Houdini, it has a 170mm stroke hidden in its short 230mm overall length — we were well off its 160psi claim, but pressures around 100psi were possible.

We can only find one fault with the Road Drive and that is the seal that holds the handle down, which can be a bit fiddly in the cold and wet, but that’s it.


The Lezyne Road Drive M pump is made to the highest quality and it works very well. What more can you ask for?