Nokia 6210 Navigator review

Nokia 610 Navigator
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Out of the three active devices tested (the others being the Satmap Active 10 and the Garmin 705), this was probably the worst for getting a GPS signal. We could ride for 10 miles between the device picking up a signal so it’s not good for locating your present location or for help with navigation. Using a non-GPS phone with Google maps installed and location from the mobile network was more reliable.

  • +

    GPS assisted by mobile phone network

  • +

    Options for walking or driving

  • -

    The worst on test for getting a GPS signal

  • -

    Not waterproof

With GPS chips getting smaller, it was only a matter of time before one of the major mobile manufacturers fitted one into a phone.

Even though they have been fitted by some US brands since 2004, it is only recently that one of the world’s top brands started including GPS. Nokia has even bought up a mapping company which shows just how seriously it is taking it.

Though not strictly speaking a cycling-specific GPS device, the GPS function within the 6210 acts as a very useful map with accurate GPS positioning as well as assisted GPS using the mobile phone network. The display is large enough and clear enough to be seen while walking or riding although one-handed operation would not be recommended.

Useful functions of this device include route options for either walking or driving. The assisted GPS function is intended to help in built-up areas where a GPS signal may be impaired.

The unit isn’t waterproof which, given that it needs to be face-up to get a signal could cause problems. This might be worth considering if you are due a mobile phone upgrade but beware of the issues that we had (see verdict).

Heart rate data NO

Stopwatch and speedometer data NO

Point-to-point directions YES

Computer mapping post/pre-ride NO