Tissot T-Race Cycling Chronograph watch review

The T-Race watch from Tissot celebrates cycling with a plethora of thoughtful details

(Image credit: Dan Gould)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A luxury watch with a plethora of thoughtful details guaranteed to make you smile. Far from a must-have, but absolutely a very, very nice to have item - with robust features to ensure it stays in tip-top condition.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Strap will suit all wrist sizes

  • +

    Robust body

  • +

    Thoughtful cycling details

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pretty expensive

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Tissot describe this watch as a 'must-have' for all cycling fans; the necessity of such a watch is debatable, but it would be very fair to call it a 'very nice to have'.

The T-Race watch from Tissot was created to celebrate the brand's relationship with our sport, with this 2020 model celebrating the quickly approaching Tour de France.

The watch features an exhaustive list of design nods towards its cycling theme: the stop/start buttons are shaped like brake levers, the hands are shaped to look like forks with a wheel running through the centre, the strap - when extended - repeats the fork image, with chainrings on the inside. It's impossible not to look at the face of this watch and not be reminded of your favourite hobby.

The pièce de résistance has to be the cassette motif, inscribed into the stainless steel at the back.

(Image credit: Dan Gould)

The face uses sapphire crystal, which is tough and resistant to impact and scratches. It's also water-resistant to 100m, so you certainly wouldn't need to worry about being caught out in the rain.

Being synthetic, the silicone strap copes well with sweat and grime, again a useful attribute for cyclists.

As well as an hour hand, the watch features a 30-minute hand. It's then got a central chronograph hand, with a 1/10 of a second counter, with Add and Split functions. This is nice to have, but it's not nearly as easy to use as a digital timer - so though it looks nice, we can't see many users really putting it through its paces.

(Image credit: Dan Gould)

Of course to be comfortable, a watch needs to fit - and this can present an issue for cyclists on the leaner end of the scale.

Our 65kg male tester frequently struggles to find watches that fit his slim wrist, but the Tissot T-Race caused no issues with its 29,8mm diameter and 18 lug strap. The watch also fitted well on a female testers wrist, albeit on the final tightest hole.

When riding off-road, on mountain bike trails, we did find that the dial on the edge occasionally shifted and bashed into the bonier sections of the wrist. However, this was easily remedied by pushing the watch that tiny bit higher on the wrist and we wouldn't expect it to be a problem on the road.

Of course, at £415, the price can't be ignored. This watch is far from cheap, but it comes presented in a stainless steel case, with a black and rose gold PVD coating - everything about this watch screams 'gift' - whether that be a present from a loved one or a present to oneself. This watch is highly unlikely to aid performance or make you a better cyclist, but if luxury items are your thing, it'll certainly make you happy every time you glance at your wrist.

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