Fizik R3 Uomo road shoes




  • Hard-wearing
  • Comfortable


  • Not much

Price as reviewed:


With carbon soles, sailcloth straps, kangaroo hide and an anodised, coloured aluminium buckle, these Italian-made Fizik R3s are Serie A footwear.

Over 2,000 kilometres in, the carbon sole is intact and unfrayed, the Sidas ergonomic footbed is comfortably moulded and the straps still firmly attached, with stitching showing no signs of distress.

They are still natty looking and clean up well with a bit of sponge and Cif. Scuffing is minimal around the toe box, though up close there are small signs of wear and tear.


The rubber protectors on the heel are suffering and some of the anodising on the buckle has been burnished off by overshoes. Overall though, comfortable, light and stiff.


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