Fizik R5 Donna Road Shoes




  • Stiff
  • Comfortable
  • Secure


  • For the wider foot

Price as reviewed:


Fizik’s shoe venture is still relatively new, and probably best known for high-end shoes that feature kangaroo leather and full-carbon soles.

The Donna R5 is Fizik’s slightly more affordable option. The nylon/carbon mix sole is plenty stiff enough, with minimal flex even out of the saddle.

The nylon element of the man-made upper is surprisingly supple and just as soft as high quality leather, while the microtex keep the shoes reasonably vented.

The heel cup is secure, as are both the Velcro and ratchet style fixings.


Unfortunately, the shoes were a tad too wide for me and, once sufficiently tightened, a fold in the excess fabric appeared at the toe end. The Velcro also overlapped on top of my foot and dug in on long rides - but if they fit you there's no reason not to love them.