Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 review

Fizik has made a habit of producing wallet-friendly but great-looking shoes, so same again with the new Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5?

Fizik Tempo PowerStrap R5
Cycling Weekly Verdict

I really wanted to like the Fizik shoes but sadly a few little niggles stopped me from going back to them. I love the design and maybe if they suit your feet, wider with more arch, then these could be the wallet-friendly option you've been looking for.

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I've not been a huge fan of Fizik shoes, although I do feel they have been improving over the last few years. Will the Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 kicks change my mind and compete with the best cycling shoes?

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The first thing to note is the price: the aesthetics suggest a much higher price tag. I've been testing the white pair but other amazing colours like coral and navy are available, along with black if you are after a bit of stealth.

What Fizik has tried to do here with the Velcro system is to replicate the volume control that higher-end Fizik shoes offer. So the lower Velcro strap is routed similarly to that of the Infinity shoes, which are trying to offer maximum closure and security for your feet.

Fizik Tempo PowerStrap R5

What a colour!

This system works very well and for a Velcro-based closure system. I think it does do a better job than the 'old fashioned' three Velcro strap design, like that of the Giro Techne.

Usually I like to strap up really tight when it comes to cycling shoes and I could just about get my preferred settings on the Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5s, even though the size 42 was slightly on the large side for me meaning I had a bit of strap flapping on the outer edges, which really annoyed me.

This is where fit became a bit of an issue, not only because I felt my feet move around a little, but my left foot in particular felt uncomfortable. I'm not going to mark down the Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 until I fully get my cleats dialled. Despite a bit of playing around though, I still can't get rid of that hotspot feeling on the left side of my left foot.

Dropping down a half size may help fitting issues, so luckily Fizik offers sizes between 36 and 48, with half sizes between 37 and 47.

Weight wise, the £109.99 Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 scores a plus point, with each shoe individually weighing 274g. Both shoes weighing exactly the same is a nice touch – we usually see a gram out here or there between the two shoes of the same pair.

However, Fizik claims that a size 42 should weigh 250g per shoe, which equals a 24g discrepancy on our scales...

The sole is made from a nylon composite, typical of this price point, which didn't flex unduly. I don't think I really noticed any wastage while cycling in a casual way. Maybe if you were racing you would require more stiffness but I don't think it is needed in the Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5.

Overall a decent job from Fizik, but do check sizing before you buy them.

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