Pinnacle Arkose Three Cyclo cross bike review

Pinnacle Arkose Three Cyclo cross bike that takes care of tarmac or tracks for £999

Cycling Weekly Verdict

While it exhibits many of the hallmarks of an off-road bike – its relaxed geometry being conducive to concluding a weekend ride caked in trail dirt and leaves – it also behaves without flaw on the tarmac. With options for touring, commuting and, at a push, speedy weekend road spins, it’s fairly safe to say that this ‘do-it-all’ machine does pretty much just that.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Commutes with a kick

  • +

    Loves the woods

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Squeaky brakes in the rain

  • -

    Wide bars felt a tad awkward for the first few rides

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Finding a bike that’s a happy medium for all types of riding is the cyclist’s Holy Grail. That optimum combination of speed and stability on a machine which doesn’t leave us wanting in terms of pace on the tarmac yet still offers the opportunity for the occasional off-road shindig.

Fortunately, the market for such a beast has been exposed and subsequently pounced upon. With branding blurb proclaiming ‘do-it-all’ this, or ‘all-weather’ that, or ‘it’ll-even-do-the-washing-up-if-you-ask-it-nicely’ the other, every bicycle manufacturer worth its salt has got in on the act, and who are we to dissuade them? Here we look at the latest addition to the Pinnacle Arkose cross series and find out whether or not it had its Ronseal moment when put to the test.

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