First ride: Scott Solace eRide 10 and Scott Solace Gravel eRide 10 go head to head

The bike twins share so much, so do you really need both options on the market?

The Scott Solace eRide 10 and Solace eRide 20 bikes are lent up on the corner of a white building
(Image credit: Scott Bikes)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Scott Solace eRide 10 and Scott Solace Gravel eRide 10 share the same frameset heart and motorised brain. Independently they are two exceptionally well built bikes that will without a doubt make you better riders, with or without the battery switched on. However, the real value is found when you head off road. Scott somehow has created the elixir of youth with its Solace Gravel eRide 10, making me feel like a young elite rider who's found a rich vein of form after just one ride. Unfortunately the favourite child does casts a shadow on its roadgoing sibling and takes all the limelight. The Solace ain't cheap, but gear this good isn't going to be. In other words - Scott, take my money.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Exceptionally well designed dual-purpose platform

  • +

    Small motor size, low weight and clever position

  • +

    Excellent battery range, size, and weight

  • +

    Good specification on the Solace Gravel eRide 10

  • +

    Surefooted, agile and capable riding experience

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Prices require you to really want the bikes badly

  • -

    Do you really need flagship Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 on the Solace eRide 10?

  • -

    Solace eRide 10 road bike can be ridden at speeds that mostly make the motor superfluous.

  • -

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Arguably the only thing more nerve-wracking for a bike brand launching a new bike, is launching two new bikes at the same time. Well sort of. 

Our launch story takes a deep dive into the tech behind the unidentical twins, the Scott Solace eRide and Solace Gravel eRide. Scott's new e-bike platform is a single frameset that's designed for both tarmac and gravel, with the spec determining the direction.

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