100% S2 glasses review

These 100% S2 glasses with the HiPER lens are well built with a great fit and an impressive lens

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Cycling Weekly Verdict

A very good pair of glasses that fit my slim face very well, however I'd recommend only buying with the HiPER lens.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    HiPER lens is good

  • +

    Lens coverage is expansive

  • +

    Good quality build

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lens gets mucky quite quickly

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Thanks to its S2 glasses, upstart eyewear brand 100% has stolen a march on its competitors and created a superb set of glasses worthy of a spot on our Editor’s Choice list this year.

100% has been gaining ground in the sunglasses market for a long time, but with these 100% S2 glasses it has rocketed itself into the lead.

Their fit is different to their more sizeable 100% Speedcraft siblings; whereas my face was too thin for those frames and there was a sizeable gap between my temples and the frame, there's no such problem with the S2 glasses, and the frame sits much closer to my face and the bridge rests more comfortable on my nose. Most importantly it doesn't shift of my face when I look down at my cycling computer.

The frame also feels better constructed than the Speedcraft pair, they're less plasticky and feel higher quality.

100% S2 glasses

A great looking pair of glasses

I also prefer the rounded lens, it gives good coverage and I can only just see the bottom of it; as a result it offers decent protection from the elements and doesn't interfere with the ride. In fact, much like the Oakley EVZero glasses, I completely forget I'm wearing these when out on the road.

Equipped with a HiPER Red mirrored lens, these S2 glasses do cost slightly more than the standard option but the difference between the two lenses is dramatic and if you're set on a pair it's definitely worth the extra cash. Whereas the standard lens washes out colours, the HiPER lens really amps up the contrast, which is great for both sunny and cloudy days.

The HiPER lens increases saturation, and the top of my red mulitlayer lens has a blue tint which passes into reds and oranges towards the bottom. The result is more vivd surroundings although I'm not convinced it's quite as intense as Oakley's Prizm lenses.

100% S2

The big lenses offer great coverage

There's limited fogging – even wearing these through very hot days my sweat didn't cause much misting – and only when stationary did they fog and it cleared very quickly when starting again. However, it does make the lenses mucky and the Hydroilo coating didn't do a great deal to prevent this.

A clear lens accompanies the glasses in the box, which I'll probably swap in for dark morning commutes in winter while saving the HiPER lens for, hopefully, the brighter daytime rides.

Lastly, and potentially most importantly, the 100% S2 glasses look great. They're favoured by Peter Sagan, who won Paris-Roubaix with these shades on before they were released, and thanks to them the glasses market has just become a whole lot more competitive.

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