BBB Highshield winter gloves review

BBB winter gloves 2011
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Unless you're deep into an interval-packed winter training programme, these should see you through the majority of riding without overly hot or cold hands. Contact

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    Tick all the boxes

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    Well priced

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    Not quite as breathable as more expensive rivals

With a silicon-print palm, windproof membrane, thermal filling, and a pretty water repellent outer surface, these BBB Highshield gloves tick all our British winter boxes.

Internally the bulk packs down so what initially feels quite restrictive soon becomes far airier.

A long cuff with a pull is snug enough to prevent draughts for most folk, but not so bulky that it doesn't fit under a jacket sleeve. The breathability isn't as high as some higher spec gloves but then neither is the price.