Bollé Furo MIPS helmet review

The Bollé Furo MIPS helmet is comfortable and well finished, if rather heavy

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Bollé Furo MIPS helmet is comfortable and well ventilated, with the option to close off three of the forward facing vents. It’s well finished, but a bit heavier than the competition.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easy to swap from vented to aero

  • +

    Good airflow

  • +

    Comfortable fit

  • +

    Includes MIPS

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A bit heavier than many helmets

The Bollé Furo MIPS helmet repeats the trick of the Bollé The One helmet, that we reviewed a few months ago, in including removable panels that convert it from a vented to a more enclosed aero helmet.

The profile is similar to The One, with an elongated shape and a sharp cut-off at the rear, that Bollé says helps improve the Furo’s aerodynamics.

Bollé Furo

Main vents on the Furo MIPS helmet can be quickly closed up for a more aero profile

But the Bollé Furo MIPS helmet has fewer, larger vents than The One. Of the eleven vents, five face into the wind. Two of the three which can be closed off run the length of the helmet, with just a pair of reinforcing bars traversing them. This leads to good airflow over the head, when the vents are not closed.

Bollé Furo

MIPS liner helps protect the head in the event of in impact

Unlike The One, the Bollé Furo MIPS helmet has a MIPS liner, designed to help absorb forces and lower the risk of brain injury in a shear impact. It’s an increasingly common option in bike helmets and adds some extra safety in a crash.

The outer shell of the Bollé Furo MIPS helmet feels very robust and well built. It fully encloses the polystyrene foam liner, so that there’s little chance of the latter getting bumped or gouged in day to day use – a nice feature that many helmets do not have and which should add to its longevity.

Bollé Furo

There are large exhaust vents at the rear of the helmet

One outcome of this, is that the Bollé Furo MIPS helmet is a bit heavier than many of its competitors. That’s something that’s obvious on paper, but less so when wearing the helmet. It’s a comfortable, secure fit with a large adjustment wheel at the rear. The cradle can be moved up and down for a good fit around the rear of the head.

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Even with the vents closed, airflow over the head is good and I was comfortable in a wide range of conditions.