Met Pac VII helmet review

Met Pac VII helmet
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The basic design of the Pac has not changed in five years, and with a new generation of helmets like the Giro Selector (which admittedly costs £90 more) on the scene, Met needs to do more than add a visor that doesn?t work properly. Contact:

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Keeps your head cool

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Could keep your head too cool

  • -

    Visor slips down

The latest version of Met's TT helmet comes in new colourways (black or white) and includes a removable visor.

It is comfortable, is an efficient teardrop shape (though it leaves earlobes exposed in the wind) and, as Met promises, ventilation via the twin intakes on the front is excellent, but not necessary for a British tester whose events take place early on a Sunday morning.

I taped up the intakes and the 'exhaust' below the tail.

Unfortunately, the electrical tape wasn't ready to go back in the kitchen drawer yet.

The visor, which is clearly an afterthought, has teeth that slot up into the shell and it attaches at the sides with Velcro, but it slips down. You can see it coming out at the top in the picture.

So I ran more tape across the top of the visor. However, although I stuck a lot of tape on, I did pick the 'tattoo' stickers off.