Hindsight Sunglasses review

Sunglasses for the commuter to provide a rear view, while looking ahead - but there are some areas to improve on

hindsight glasses on
(Image credit: Myles Warwood for Future)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

I applaud the concept of these sunglasses and I really wanted them to perform better in terms of style and fit. However, I feel they’re too wide and they look a bit awkward. For the purpose, they were built for, and when riding in an upright position, they do perform the task at hand well. Sometimes though, a mirror on the end of your handlebars is very difficult thing to beat.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Work well for their intended purpose

  • +


  • +


  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Awkward looking and not very stylish

  • -

    Take time to get used to

  • -

    Don’t block out all sunlight or dust and pollen

  • -

    Require the correct head position

  • -

    Can be distracting

  • -


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Back in the summer of Lockdown, Olympic gold medallist and former Team GB track sprinter Callum Skinner went on something of a company launching spree, not only launching Five Rings Coffee alongside Owain Doul and Philip Hindes, Skinner also launched HindSight, an innovation invented by physicist and keen cyclist Alex Macdonald. 

Ultra-lightweight and made of high-grade plastics the HindSight Edge Sport glasses use a unique new patented lens technology making it possible to see objects which are behind you with little to no movement of your head. 

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