Attaquer All Day Jersey review

Aussie designed jersey, made from Swiss fabric and manufactured in Italy

Attaquer All Day Jersey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

With a cut that doesn't require the build of a World Tour whippet and high tech fabrics that are soft on the skin, Attaquer's All Day is a winner with a non-offensive price tag.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Ultra-soft fabrics

  • +

    Slim but not too slim

  • +

    Low cut neck and long sleeves

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Tall pockets may test your flexibility

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Hailing from Sydney Australia, Attaquer (pronounced attacker) got its start in loud and lairy limited edition kits. With designs ranging from pink animals to full-on Mario Cipollini head to toe zebra stripes, they were eye-catching and surprisingly high quality for a start-up brand. They were also cut so slim they made race cut kits look baggy.

As time went on, the brand slowly transitioned into more subtle designs and progressed away from the uber slim race fit which permeated its first few releases. The brand still has limited-edition releases — like The Wild Ones released earlier in 2020, shod with animal prints that would have even Carol Baskin clicking add to cart. The All-Day range, on the other hand, are a permanent fixture in the Aussie outfits range and is designed for, you guessed it, All-Day long-ride comfort. 


The All-Day Range debuted in 2016 and was made from a mixture of ultra-lightweight lycra and cotton blend fabric that was soft on the skin, but still had enough polyester content that it would wick and dry. 

Four years on, the All Day Jersey is made from a mixture of Swiss made fabrics that are  stitched together in Italy; the front and sleeves are a stretch hexagonal mesh that Attaquer says ‘reduces the contact points with your skin and improves air circulation, so you feel cooler longer’

Attaquer All Day Jersey

The bulk of the jersey is made from this swiss fabric with the hexagonal pattern

On the back is a more traditional mesh that is rigid to prevent the pockets from sagging when fully loaded — the pockets are made from the same material — and the sides use an ultra-light perforated mesh to help your body dump heat when the temperature beings to climb.

Based around a ‘performance fit’ the Attaquer’s All-Day jersey isn’t unmercifully slim-fitting, so there is no need to worry about sizing up as with some race cut kits — but this jersey won’t flap in the wind either. 

As is becoming the trend, the neck is a lower cut at the front, and the sleeves come almost down your elbow. To prevent these long sleeves from creeping up is a thermo-bonded gripper at the cuff, or what amounts to a super-strong rubber band. 

Attaquer All Day Jersey

The collar is low cut at the front to prevent pinching
(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

Available in navy or black, with a single Attaquer logo across the chest, the All-Day range is one of the brands more subdued designs, but it’s classy and won’t go out of fashion any time soon. Given the sun is potent here in Australia, I should note that all the fabrics are UV50+ rated so that you won’t end up with a bib strap burn after a long day on the road. 


The first thing you’ll notice about the All-Day jersey as you pull it over your shoulders is how soft all of the fabrics are to the touch. The materials used in some high-end kits can feel coarse or crunchy on your skin and are used in the name of their wicking and breathability; the textiles used in All-Day Jersey seem to offer the best of both worlds. While I can’t speak to Attaquer’s claims about the hexagonal pattern in the material reducing contact points and increasing airflow, I can say this top manages moisture and breaths with the best — coping well with the humidity and mid-day sun in the tropics. 

I for one appreciate the generous length of the sleeves, not only for the aesthetic, but also it means there is less skin out in the open to get sunburned, and the thermo-boned gripper does well to hold the sleeves in place without pinching, pulling, or cutting off your circulation. As someone with an annoyingly convex adam’s apple, the low slung collar means I can comfortably zip the jersey all the way up.

Attaquer All Day Jersey

The pockets are quite tall and did test my flexibility at times
(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

The rear pockets are quite tall, and are generously sized for a day's worth of snacks and spares. Attaquer has smartly rounded top edge of the outer two, to help you hook a finger underneath. On the inside, the end of each seam is reinforced with a neoprene dot to prevent packrats like me from popping stitching while I stuff that extra bar in on top of my rain jacket — you know, just in case. However, this extra height did test my flexibility on a few occasions, luckily the silicon band that runs the entire circumference of the jersey prevents things from migrating up over the course of a ride.


Priced at $145 / £111 / AU$200, the All Day jersey is not what we would class as budget-friendly, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the ultra aero super technical jerseys claimed to be made from fairy dust, sewn together with fibers from the mane of a unicorn. 

I think for the performance, quality, and comfort on offer, Attaquer could get away with chagrin more for this jersey, but I’m glad they don’t, because it offers fantastic performance without the eyewatering price tag.

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