Giro Chrono Expert jersey

Giro's Chrono Expert jersey forms part of Giro's technical range, with a comfortable, stretch fit and good accessories




  • Lightweight
  • Good zip
  • Great pockets


  • Not very technical

Price as reviewed:


The Chrono Expert jersey is part of Giro’s technical Chrono range, a range designed to help riders go further in the saddle thanks to a mixture of technical fabrics and good fit.

Despite what Giro claims, I don’t think the Chrono Expert jersey is an overtly technical piece. It’s a pretty standard, with no anti-stink, or quick drying properties on offer here but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad jersey.

That said, it’s pretty thin, so it does release excess heat easily. Giro has deliberately made it lightweight, so its good to go for the sunny, summer season. Though, it was also comfortable on top of a thinker baselayer, and I’ve been using it on the chillier spring mornings we’ve been having.

It does also have a nice fit, and the “stretch fabric” is doing its job right around the shoulders, torso and waist. It sits tight to the body but doesn’t ever make you feel squeezed and it moves nicely with you when you’re on the bike.

The sleeves could have been a tad less baggy, but I’m happy to blame this on my arms rather than on the jersey itself. It’s something of a universal problem for those with super skinny limbs that there’s a bit of baggy-ness in the sleeves.

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It’s also one of the better arranged jerseys that I’ve used in recent times. Three pockets across the back and a fourth, smaller zipped one which easily swallows up debit cards, cash and phones no bother.

It can be a bit of a pain to access though, and a couple of times I found at the end of the ride I’d stashed my stuff in the normal pocket directly behind it.

If anything, though, it’s a testament to the depth of the normal pockets, and I never lost any goods on any rides. They even held my longer than normal mini pump no problem, leaving only its head poking out the top. The front zip has a great feel to it, too – strong and reliable.


A nice piece of kit, that while isn't supremely technical, has a good fit and a nice feel on the bike


Size tested: S
Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL