Santini Redux jersey review

Santini has been producing some great kit recently and we hope the Santini Redux jersey follows that trend

Santini Redux Jersey
(Image credit: Santini)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Santini Redux is a tight fitting jersey that fits well but isn't as comfortable as some competitors.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Figure hugging

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Raw cut sleeves move on the arm

  • -

    Pockets difficult to access on the bike

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The Santini Redux jersey is the Italian brand's tight fitting, wind tunnel tested jersey

The Santini Redux jersey is the Italian brand's aero cycling jersey, designed to be ridden hard in hot weather thanks to its light build.

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As is common with aero jerseys it has a low cut collar, although it's not as aggressive as the Rapha Pro Team Aero jersey and the Santini Redux doesn't have the same high cut waist as Rapha's.

I've been wearing a size small in testing and it's tight, but as an aero jersey it's supposed to hug that bit closer to the body but it's perhaps not as comfortable as the Rapha aero jersey which uses a softer, dual fabric construction.

Instead, it's made of Santini's Prey fabric which was chosen after wind tunnel testing and it's extremely stretchy, hugging your figure very tightly. It's nice to see the brand not fall foul of Italian sizing, as it has done in the past.

Santini Redux jersey

The Santini Redux jersey pockets are made of dimpled material

I find that sleeves are what make or break a jersey. Because of my skinny arms, more often than not, a jersey's sleeves won't stay in place. Although the Santini Redux jersey uses a raw cut finish on the cuffs (the bane of any skinny armed individual) the arm ends are actually thermo-bonded, which give them a bit of extra grip.

In use, the sleeves did pull up a touch, but when I was using arm warmers they never moved far enough to create a frustrating gap. In general the sleeves tended to sit mid way down the upper arm, so they're shorter than the Rapha Aero jersey sleeves.

The three pockets use a different, dimpled material to the rest of the jersey, similar to Rapha Aero jersey's dual fabric construction. The three rear pockets are tight and not made for lugging large objects about. They also have a raw-cut finish, which can make them difficult to access when you're trying to put something back in them, and they have a flap at the top that closes the pocket from above, covering what's in there, for aerodynamic gains.

At £135, the Santini Redux is an expensive piece of kit but it does come in £10 cheaper than the Rapha Pro Team Aero jersey. Both jersey's have been aero tested, which probably contributes significantly to the cost of them.

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