Birzman Zacoo Maha III track pump £49.99




  • Overall ease of use


  • Poor valve connection
  • Short hose

Price as reviewed:


It’s the little things that make the Birzman a great track pump.

Take the five-degree angle of the barrel – it’s a simple tweak that makes the pump that little bit more convenient to use.

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The wooden handle is straightforward in its design and fits your hands well. All the components that make up the pump are well-finished, so it has a ?cohesive look that belies its sensible cost. But it’s not without a few niggles.

The hose isn’t long enough.It’s only 76cm long (most are around 120cm) and it’s amazing how often this becomes problematic.

Then there’s the valve connector – a simple, quick-to-use design that pops over the valve with a ring that clips it in place.

A near-perfect design, but we struggled to get it to work with large diameter alloy valves and, if you use a basic hollow valve extender for your deep-section wheels, it’s simply not compatible.



Without these two minor faults, Birzman would have had the best track pump on the market. Still, there's always next year's model...