Birzman Zacoo Maha III track pump review

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Without these two minor faults, Birzman would have had the best track pump on the market. Still, there's always next year's model...

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Overall ease of use

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Poor valve connection

  • -

    Short hose

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It's the little things that make the Birzman a great track pump.

Take the five-degree angle of the barrel - it's a simple tweak that makes the pump that little bit more convenient to use.

The wooden handle is straightforward in its design and fits your hands well. All the components that make up the pump are well-finished, so it has a ?cohesive look that belies its sensible cost. But it's not without a few niggles.

The hose isn't long enough.It's only 76cm long (most are around 120cm) and it's amazing how often this becomes problematic.

Then there's the valve connector - a simple, quick-to-use design that pops over the valve with a ring that clips it in place.

A near-perfect design, but we struggled to get it to work with large diameter alloy valves and, if you use a basic hollow valve extender for your deep-section wheels, it's simply not compatible.


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