GT Track Floor Pump

The GT Track Floor pump, a budget track pump which is effective in use




  • Good value
  • Accurate gauge


  • Quite a few strokes to reach 100psi
  • Short hose

Price as reviewed:


GT is better known for its bikes than its accessories, but this track pump is effective as well as being good value. It’s got a metal barrel, a pressure gauge and a base with two wide feet.

GT Track - track pump

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At 62cm high the GT pump is short and has quite a short stroke and this is reflected in the 29 strokes needed to get to 100 psi. The hose is also quite short at 78cm meaning that the pump may have to be moved close to the bike rather than being able to reach the bike easily – particularly if the bike is in a stand.

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When checked with a separate pressure gauge, I found that the pressure achieved was exactly 100psi when this was displayed on the pump’s gauge. At 1123g it’s quite light for a floor pump and so is easily portable.

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It’s comfortable to use, although the handle is quite narrow. Despite only having two legs, which can make a pump wobbly if on non-level ground, the base is stable too and has a single rubber gripper pad on each leg so that your feet do not slip around when using it, making the pump easy to operate.

Despite its budget price and short stroke, this is a pump which will get your tyres up to pressure effectively and comfortably


A serviceable pump at a very reasonable price


Height : 62cm
Stroke : 43cm
Hose length: 78cm
Actual pressure at 100psi on gauge: 100psi
Strokes to 100 psi: 29
Weight: 1123g