KCNC Mini Pump review

KCNC mini pump
Cycling Weekly Verdict

We managed 90 strokes (40psi) before we literally had to stop to rest hands that were sore from the lack of ergonomics.

  • +

    Very compact option

  • -

    Difficult to grip

This dinky and stylish fellow looks more akin to a CO2 canister than a mini-pump, but it unfolds to more than three times this length for pumping duties, and that’s without adding the extra flexi-tube.

That attractive metallic sheen comes in six colours, although it does look pretty vulnerable to scratching.

The connector is switchable from Schrader to Presta by pulling out the tiny (and eminently loseable) core inside.

In use, we found the pump difficult to grip, and were reduced to gripping the flexi-tube to steady it.