Lezyne Steel Digital Drive pump review

Cycling Weekly Verdict

If accuracy is your priority then it’s a winner. Otherwise there are better, less fiddly pumps out there.

  • +

    Digital gauge

  • +

    Highly accurate

  • -

    Screw on connector can unscrew valve

The only pump on test with a digital gauge that can switch between PSI and Bar, Lezyne’s Steel Digital Drive promises accuracy to within three per cent.

Yet it’s even better than that — our control test found it accurate to 0.1 per cent! It’s also very small, making it ideal for racers and sportivistes running out of space in the family car.

But there are a couple of downsides. Dropping the pressure via the relief valve gives a false low reading so you need to reinflate and recheck.

It’s also very easy to press it while unscrewing the connector, which in turn has a tendency to unscrew valves with removable cores.