Oxford alloy track pump

An effective budget pump with an alloy body




  • Does the job
  • Reasonably efficient


  • A bit wobbly
  • Hose is quite short

Price as reviewed:


Although the Oxford pump has a bit of a budget feel to it, it actually does the job quite well. There’s an alloy barrel, but the base and handle are plastic.

Oxford Alloy track pump

The gauge is calibrated up to 160psi, although Oxford suggest that the maximum pressure achievable is 120psi. The gauge is attached about a third of the way up the barrel with a short hose from the base of the pump, making it a bit easier to read and putting the shortish hose nearer to the valve when the bike is held in a stand. The gauge is accurate, with a measured 101psi at a reading of 100psi.

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The connector head has separate presta and Schrader adaptors and a lever to lock it to the valve. This is quite stiff, but does ensure a secure fit. In use, the pump feels a bit wobbly due to the two-legged design of the plastic base and the stroke is quite short at 46cm, but nevertheless 100psi was achieved in 24 strokes. The plastic pump handle is quite narrow, but is comfortable and robust.

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The pump comes with adaptors for airbeds and footballs and there are three tyre levers stashed in the base – a useful touch.


Lacks a premium feel but does the job as well as more expensive options


Height : 66cm
Stroke : 57cm
Hose length: 78cm
Actual pressure at 100psi on gauge: 101psi
Strokes to 100 psi: 24
Weight: 960g