Topeak Joe Blow Pro pump

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  • Good accuracy
  • Solid base
  • Good seal


  • Paint scratches easily

Price as reviewed:


  • Joint second when it came to accuracy and, as it turned out, our second favourite overall.

    We chose the Pro from Topeak’s extensive range of Joe Blow pumps as it’s perfect for day-to-day use.

    The base is solid, though the paint does scratch off a 
bit too easily. Like many of the others, the chuck was a little tight fitting 
over the valve and the lever action 
was stiff but this eased quickly and always sealed perfectly.

    The air bleed mounted just behind the gauge is a neat touch — adjusting the pressure down is easy and, best of all, highly accurate.


    Hose storage is tidy while 
a simple clip holds the handle down for transportation.