Topeak Mega Morph pump




  • At 1.1kg, it's light
  • Works well, despite size
  • Smarthead
  • Guage


  • Not as light as a minipump

Price as reviewed:


AT 1.1kg the Morph is a lightweight pump designed for easy portability.

Topeak has opted to trim down a regular track pump to make it lighter rather than overbuild a mini-pump – this makes the Mega Morph fully formed and tough.

An alloy barrel and SmartHead connector attest to this, as does the claimed 160psi gauge.

Does it work? You’d better believe it, this is a great pump! Sure the handle is small, the stand only works for one foot but it’s up to the task.


Topeak's idea of a travel pump isn't cheap and isn't super light, meaning it's a little hard to justify. All the same it's good enough that you won't need a separate pump at home.