Topeak Microrocket AL review

The Microrocket AL is a compact pump which is small enough to fit into a saddle pack but efficient enough to get you going again

Cycling Weekly Verdict

A pump which will fit in a saddle pack but which is efficient enough to get you back on the road

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very compact

  • +


  • +

    Comfortable to use

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Low volume means lots of pumping

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The Topeak Microrocket AL looks smart with its compact cylindrical body made of brushed aluminium, a silver band between the pump and handle, grey top and tail and carbon-look ends. At 160mm long and 65g, it’s also small. The valve is connected by removing the cap from the connector and pushing it directly onto the pump – there’s no hose to attach and nothing to screw onto the valve. When you have finished pumping just push the pump body down to release the connector.

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The disadvantage of this arrangement is that any movement of the pump body pushes the valve around. I’ve never had a problem with this arrangement, but some prefer to have a bit of flex between the pump and valve to avoid damage to the latter when pumping hard. The connector is presta-only.

The barrel has a smooth action and is comfortable to use, although the handle is quite short, providing limited grip and at higher pressures the top of the handle can dig uncomfortably into the hand. Nevertheless, this wasn’t a difficult pump to use and 200 strokes brought a 23mm tyre up above 60psi, without too much effort.

The handle locks onto the barrel by giving it a twist, so that the pump shouldn’t come open when not in use and there’s a sturdy bung to protect the connector, which is well-connected to the pump and so shouldn’t disappear. The pump fits into the mounting bracket with a solid click and there’s a rubber strap too, so there’s not much chance of the pump getting lost.

If you want to spend an extra £15 to lose 10g, there’s a carbon version too.

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