Chain-L No. 5 lube

Chain-L no. 5 lube
Cycling Weekly Verdict

It certainly stays on in? the rain and it's a bugger to get the chain clean, two or three uses of the? degreaser bath were required to shift it all - it's that clingy.

  • +

    Doesn't attract a lot of dirt

  • +

    Gets into moving parts

  • -

    Gets everywhere

  • -

    Hard to shift when it comes to degreasing

There are wet lubes and then there are wet lubes, Chain-L's No 5 is definitely the latter.

A thin coating lasted for ages, spreading throughout the chain, then to the rings, even ending up covering oversocks and chainstays. It does a great job of keeping the chain running smoothly and quietly, and yet doesn't seem to attract a lot of dirt.

We did, though, notice chains showing signs of wear earlier than we felt they should, given the type of riding we were doing.