The best road bottom bracket upgrades 2024: stainless steel and ceramic bearings for silky smooth miles

The best options for staying creak-free and tapping bonus watts!

A selection of the best bottom bracket upgrades
(Image credit: Glen Whittington)
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The bewildering world of road bottom brackets can drive anyone to despair (including mechanics), but once you’ve narrowed down exactly which type fits your bike, there are still plenty of options to choose from. Is the huge price hike of ceramic units worth the extra investment or is it just hype? Or should you look into something a little more heavy-duty? 

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Glen Whittington

Glen’s an ex-racer who still finds time to ride bikes for SDWRacing. He started racing in 1998, initially specialising in XCO and Solo 24-Hour Mountain Bike. He became a mechanic in 2002, working in shops and also for professional race teams. During this time he spent more time racing cyclocross and road, and then also time trials. In 2013 he built his first bespoke frame and then spent several years at Roberts learning the art. Since then he’s designed, tested and now sells frames/bikes to the public as part of his ÆIGHT brand.