Fenwick?s FS Foaming Degreaser and Cleaning sponge




  • Great combined cleaning power


  • Not much

Price as reviewed:


First off, sorry if this looks like an advert, it’s not – it’s simply that these two Fenwick’s products work together brilliantly with ?the company’s Stealth lube (above).

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Chorley-based Fenwick’s has created a cleaner that works best with the company’s own lube; so if you use the foaming chain cleaner on other lubes it’s average, but use it on Fenwick’s lube and it works brilliantly. That’s also the secret to the cleaning sponge.

Liberal quantities of cleaner and the sponge do 90 per cent of the job done by a ‘proper’ chain cleaner with a quarter of the effort, making it so easy you’ll want to do it every time you clean your bike.


It's so good we're amazed that no one has done it before.


Supplier: www.zyro.co.uk