Lezyne Power Lever XL review

If you need extra welly to get your tyre off your rim, the Lezyne Power Lever XL may be the answer

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Lezyne Power Lever XL is a useful addition to your toolbox to get tighter bead-rim combinations on and off more comfortably, giving you confidence that you are less likely to be stranded by a flatSpring20!7

Reasons to buy
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    Extra leverage

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    Tough feel

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    Robust hook

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    Comfortable to use

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Reasons to avoid
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Some clincher tyre-rim combinations can be a real pain to deal with, whereas with others the tyre can go over the rim wall with minimal effort. Difficult combinations are becoming more common with the rise of tubeless systems where the tight junction between the tyre bead and the rim is what keeps the tyre inflated and there needs to be a close connection between the tyre and the spoke bed to get the tyre to seat at all.

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So the bit of extra leverage the the Lezyne Power Lever XL offers is useful – you definitely don’t want your tyre lever snapping if you need to repair a flat out on the road, something which has happened to me with other levers.

Bead hooks will get under most tyre beads easily

At 168mm in length, the Lezyne Power Lever XL is significantly longer than a standard lever, so there’s a lot more to get hold of, allowing you to exert more force. It also feels a lot sturdier than most standard levers, with central ribs to add rigidity and a curved upper surface to make it more comfortable to use.

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The business end of the lever is sufficiently thin and curved to get under most tyre beads, even those which are a tight fit. Lezyne sells the Power Lever XL as a pair for £4.99 and they fit together to stop them getting separated. A set of these levers is likely to last for years and won’t add too much weight to a saddle pack or pocket. So they should be a good investment for trouble-free tyre maintenance and repair.