No Quarter Complete Cycle Detailing Kit review

No Quarter offers up custom paintjobs for your bike and also cleaning products like this one

No Quarter Complete Cycle Detailing Kit is effective but isn't for a complete bike clean.
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The No Quarter Complete Cycle Detailing Kit really does a great job at making your bike shine. The shampoo is gentle on bike parts but manages to remove road muck and oil from frames well. Wax kit works to really make the bike gleam, though make sure the frame is completely dry before doing this as it'll leave white (removable) marks on the frame, something the cloth should help elimiate..

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Cleans well

  • +

    Nice accessories to help

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Isn't for tough grime

  • -

    For those who regularly clean and maintain their bike

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No Quarter is a custom paint company born out of a passion for detailing that began in the automotive industry in No Quarter director James Langton's father's workshop.

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The eight-piece cycle kit is designed to clean and protect your frame – and frame only. It will struggle to remove dirt and grime from your drivetrain and doesn't come with a degreaser, so if you're the type of rider that goes some time before cleaning your bike then the No Quarter kit might not work for you.

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However, if you take pride in your bike and want to bring out the best of its paintwork then do consider No Quarter's cleaning kit. Within it you'll get shampoo, wax, microfibre cloths, a detailing brush, a fine-pore detailing sponge and a waterproof pouch to keep it all in.

No Quarter Complete Cycle Detailing Kit is effective but isn't for a complete bike clean.

No Quarter's shampoo is specifically designed to be kind to your bike. I was initially worried that it wouldn't be powerful enough to remove typical road scum. However, as little as four small cupfuls is sufficient and with a bit of blasting with the hose produces a lot of foam and does smell very nice indeed. Slapped on the bike with the supplied sponge it soaks and foams nicely and without much effort the dirt quickly comes off.

The detailing brush helps to reach obscure areas and loosens grime so it can easily be washed away with a bit of water.

You'll need to use one of the cloths to dry your frame after a rinse to prepare it for the wax, which is applied using the applicator provided. This wax helps bring the shine back to your frame and although this isn't something I'd usually do, it helped highlight any missed areas and enabled me to thoroughly check for any damage too. Something I'm sure many do anyway, but I can be a little slapdash.

The wax, like the shampoo, smells good and is applied easily enough. The excess is then wiped off using the second cloth. The wax really helps the frame sparkle. Whether it helps keep dirt away I can't confirm, though the bike does look lovely after using the kit.

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