Ritchey torque key




  • Perfect for many applications
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Cheap


  • Only has a single setting (5Nm)

Price as reviewed:


Slightly different from the other products in this test, the Ritchey Torque Key only has a single setting and only uses a 4mm Allen key.

It’s preset to 5Nm, as that’s the requirement for many of the bolts on Ritchey’s products, but luckily that’s ideal for many other applications too, which means this little tool is a really useful addition to the toolbox.

It’s cheap, but that’s not reflected in the way it functions or feels. The handle is ergonomically designed to use a finger and thumb turning action, and once 5Nm is reached it releases with an obvious click.


A really neat idea, and great for taking away on training camps and the like, where you wouldn’t normally consider packing a torque wrench. I’ve had mine several years and it’s still spot on