Edco Albis carbon clincher wheelset review

Edco's 50mm deep aero section wheels are relatively light, with a wide rim. We've tested them on the ups and downs of North Devon

Cycling Weekly Verdict

A good all-round carbon clincher wheelset: deep enough for aero benefits, light enough for the hills

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Quality build

  • +

    Good, consistent braking

  • +

    Aero benefits

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A bit twitchy in crosswinds

  • -

    Internal nipples make for difficult truing

  • -

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Edco’s wheel range has grown to include a variety of carbon and aluminium offerings in four ranges. The Albis wheelset forms a part of the Prosport range. At 1532g, it’s quite light for its 50mm depth and has a wider rim width of 25.5mm external, to support 25mm or wider tyres.

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Edco products are distributed in the UK by Continental tyres and the Albis wheels come ready-shod with Conti’s top-notch GP4000 SII tyres in 25mm width. They also come with Edco’s Cesso Red Carbon brake pads which work well with the rim’s braking surface. The latter uses what Edco calls its Integrated Low Temperature technology: a combination of the carbon lay-up and the high melting point resin used which Edco says reduces heat build-up on sustained braking.

Edco's braking surface is effective

Edco's braking surface is effective

Edco has changed its rim profiles for 2016, making them more U-shaped for improved aerodynamics and stability in crosswinds.

The hubs are Edco’s Aptera aluminium models with stainless steel bearings and lightweight quick releases with a steel axle and aluminium lever. Edco uses its own Multisys cassette body on the Albis wheels. This is milled with a flange pattern which allows it to take either SRAM/Shimano or Campagnolo cassettes, although it works with a Campagnolo locknut only. It’s a bit prone to gouging from the shallower splines of Shimano and SRAM cassettes though, despite the inclusion of steel anti-gouge inserts.

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The wheels are laced with Sapim CX Sprint spokes, 20 at the front and 24 at the rear. Nipples are internal, leading to a clean look but a bit of aggro if you need to true up the wheels.

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Edco's hubs seem well-made

Edco's hubs seem well-made

Edco completes the package with a pair of padded wheelbags. As well as the standard version which we have tested, Edco offers the Albis at the same price in a Light version with a claimed weight of 1348g and for £100 more in a disc braked version weighing 1719g.

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Out on the road, the Albis wheels spin up well and I was able to maintain high speeds on the flat. They also climb well: the low weight and taut build meant that I could take on the steepest ramps which North Devon had to offer.

Multisys cassette body is clever but prone to gouging

Multisys cassette body is clever but prone to gouging

Although the deeper section helps with aero benefits, I found that the Albis wheels were twitchy in gusty crosswinds and had to reduce my speed accordingly. The wheels brake well too. Although not up to the standards of the best carbon wheelsets, there was good catch from the moment of applying the brakes and no brake fade on long descents.

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In summary, Edco’s Albis wheels are a nice all-round carbon clincher wheelset, which is wide enough for larger volume tyres, deep enough for aero benefits but still light enough to spin up quickly and keep moving well in the hills.

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