Edco Four-8 wheelset

A smooth rolling wheelset to give you an aero advantage




  • Comfortable for the depth
  • Good handling
  • Quality finishing


  • Weight/price doesn't stand out

Price as reviewed:


Edco’s Four-8 wheelset comes with a 48mm rim, which is the perfect sweetspot for most riders looking for an aerodynamic boost without too much weight penalty.

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Last time Cycling Weekly spoke to experts, multiple sources confirmed the 40-50mm depth as the ideal ‘one rim to rule them all’ choice, though with the caveat that rider weight, terrain, and other factors all have an influence.

For this creation, Edco has followed the current trends and utilised a new oval profile, the brand claims this is ‘designed for outdoor conditions’… designing wheels for outdoor riding, surely that should have been a given from day inception? However this actually isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds; an oval profile has been shown to be more efficient over a range of yaw angles which is why they typically perform better outdoors – compared with velodrome testing – providing better stability – particularly in crosswinds.

The brand has also opted for a 21mm internal rim width. This allows for tyres to balloon, providing a greater contact patch (the example Edco gives is that a 23mm tyre becomes 25mm), whilst the wide 28.7mm external profile allows airflow to travel over the rim/tyre interface in the most efficient way.

Being neither an aerodynamicist nor in possession of a windtunnel, I’m unable to confirm wattage savings but this decision making is in line with that of other brands, such as Zipp, Parcours and Hunt. Similar approaches have been backed up by windtunnel data, so the theory seems reliable.

Having ridden the wheels on an extremely windy 80-mile ride around the Surrey/Kent countryside, I found they provided plenty of stability. Even crosswinds, something that can really impact me due to only weighing 56kg, were not an issue. I did have a slight wobble when cornering at speed and a sudden gust coincided with a break in the hedgerow, but I was never concerned about my ability to keep it upright.

These wheels are full UD carbon, with an enhanced 3K brake track. They come shipped with Edco’s own brake pad, and some very British weather gave me the opportunity to confirm their performance in the wet.

The vast majority of bikes and wheels we test at Cycling Weekly these days are disc brake. In the dry, braking on these wheels was absolutely perfect with no cause for concern, no judder or unpleasant squealing. In the wet, they were in line with competitors – the brakes were still effective, but my braking time increased with the rain and coming to a complete standstill was no easy feat.

These wheels are designated tubeless ready, and come pre-fitted with a thin layer of tubeless rim tape and a set of valves supplied so you can run with tubes or set up tubeless from the word go.

I tested the wheels first with a set of supple WolfPack Race Cotton tyres, which came off and went on easily. Swapping on a set of Continental GP 5000 TL tyres was quite a mission, however, I’ve found these tyres to be tough on a number of rims.

I particularly enjoyed the comfortable ride quality on offer from these wheels – they threw up notably less road chatter than other wheels of a similar depth. Stiffness wasn’t in question and acceleration was good, but I found myself enjoying the compliance on offer from this set-up – so it may suit those who find they’re thrown about by other mid-depth carbon rims.

Edco has opted to use Sapim CX Delta aero-bladed spokes, with 16 radial spokes at the front and 24 cross 2:1 ratio at the rear. Opting for Sapim is always a sign of quality and these are easy to get hold of and replace if needed.

The hubs are Edco’s own NEO·1 design. They felt responsive, and weren’t overly noisy, so a good choice for those who don’t want every moment of freewheeling to be heard for miles around.

Compatability is plentiful, we’ve got the rim brake models but these come in rim and disc brake guise, with Shimano/SRAM 11 speed, Campagnolo and SRAM XDR compatibility available – the latter so you can run them with SRAM eTap AXS.


Edco's Four-8 wheels follow current trends, with an oval rim profile and wider rim to create stability in crosswinds and provide a wide contact patch without an aero disadvantage. They throw up a comfortable ride quality, with reliable braking in all but the worst conditions. The complete package is good, but these don't sit head and shoulders above the competitors in terms of weight and price.


Rim depth: 48mm
Internal rim: 21mm
Compatability : Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, SRAM XDR
Weight: 1548g (1580g claimed)
Contact: edco-wheels.co.uk