Lightweight Meilenstein wheels review

Lightweight Meilenstein wheels
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Result, I'm 0.2 seconds faster than the year before (well, not even Lightweight can perform miracles) but at least I didn't go slower, and being the wrong side of 40, I'll take that, but I don't want to give them back.

  • +

    Light and stiff

  • +

    Accelerate well

  • -

    Come at a cost

Having exhausted absolutely every possible (legal) performance aid, losing weight and piling on yet more training, I was keen to throw the dice and see if I could get a few more personal bests thanks to Lightweight's new wheelset.

Now in its fourth generation, the Meilensteins have morphed out of the Standards. In effect, CarbonSports has completely reworked the wheels all the way from how the spokes locate in the rim wall to the actual profile. The area where the spoke enters the rim is lower and reprofiled to make it stiffer and less affected by crosswinds.

At the same time, the tyre bed is more radiused to decrease the chance of impact damage. Both of these changes have reduced the rim height from 53mm to 47.5mm while also increasing stiffness, according to Lightweight.

There is a moment with all new wheels that has to be savoured that you only ever get once from that very first push on the pedals. That first sensation must be digested and then cross-referenced with that of all your other first rides. So here's goes...

Bang: wow! The transfer of power is unbelievably immediate, instantaneous.

They are the most responsive, most direct wheels I've ever accelerated; every bit as good as people say they are.

This near-perfection comes from the full-carbon, bonded construction, while looking characteristically homemade, it simply allows no room for play. For the first ride it's almost dark and I must get to the base of a hill. Following a four-kilometre warm-up I'm ready for a two-minute blast.

They explode from the blocks, even with heavy (road) tubs on them they feel as light as air, but as rigid as a disc. With the test ride over and no PB to brag about (conditions weren't ideal) my next stop is racing. Four days later I'm on the start line at the Monsal Head Hill-Climb, my bike pimped to the max. I have to do these wheels justice and I give it everything.