The winter 2010 edition of Cycling Fitness magazine is out now, and it’s full of inspirational features and friendly tips to help you make the most of the winter months in the saddle.

Winter is well on the way, with shorter daylight hours and colder weather. Rather than go into a state of hibernation, Cycling Fitness shows you how you can maximise your cycling over the colder months to hit 2011 in top form.

With its easy-to-follow training plans, riding tips and food suggestions, the magazine provides a friendly guide to staying in great shape on the bike.

Cycling Fitness is published by the team that bring you Cycling Weekly and Cycling Active magazines.

Cycling Fitness Winter 2010 issue is out now at WHSmith and all good newsagents priced £5.95.

Every day weight loss tips
Latest Research: Prevent muscle soreness with ginger

Ready to Ride
Why winter is the best time to train
Take your riding to the next level
Eight ways to look after your legs

Three NEW Pull-out training plans
Fitter – great for beginners
Faster – in 7 hours or less a week
Further – get race fit for 2011
How to get more out of your long rides

Portion control – what makes a healthy snack?
Veggie food for athletes
Fat burn rides

How to eat, sleep and stretch your way to faster recovery
Gym work – new toys and tools for cyclists

Cycling Fitness magazine winter 2010 cover

  • John Andrews

    Is there any site where one can view back issues of Cycling Fitness so I can get a complete set of Spring / Summer/Autumn / Winter training guides

  • Fiona

    i have always liked this magazine but sadly find it quite difficult to source as there is not a WH Smith near me. Anyone know if you can get it on subscription?

  • GeeBeeMTB

    received 2 issues within a week of each other – the winter issue (this one), and the autumn issue that i had been told for the past three months wasnt in stock, even though i subscribed in july.

    for some reason, both issues have arrived WITHOUT the pullout training plans – the main reason why i buy the magazine in the first place.

    not a good service for a subscriber. take note all.

  • allons-y-pyrenees

    Fantastic magazine full of great tips and articles, love the photos.
    A magazine that is a must buy.