Hamid Parast wants the video to highlight law-breaking riders.

By Chris Marshall-Bell

Cyclists in Bristol have had their so-called poor cycling etiquette broadcast to the world after one driver took his furore to YouTube.

The four-minute video (available to watch here) was posted on the video-sharing website on Tuesday from Hamid Parast in a bid to highlight cyclists disobeying the law.

Mr Parast, who works in the centre of Bristol but lives outside the city, decided to make the video after he claimed a cyclist scratched his car and broke his wing mirror when the rider tried to get between his car and a bus. Local police were unable to help.

In the video there are 13 clips, in one of which Mr Parast bemoans about a cyclist not riding on a cycle lane – despite there being no cycle lane on the particular road.

He also videos a cyclist mounting a pavement at a red-light, a rider turning sharply to the right without indicating, a cyclist “flying through the red light at the speed of light”, as well as other footage which he claims demonstrates dangerous cycling.

Additionally, 47-year-old Mr Parast laments how cyclists, in contrast to car drivers, do not pay road-tax (which does not exist), do not have to be insured, don’t have to wear helmets or a hi-viz jacket, as well as not needing to pay MOT or have a ID  number.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager-driver questions why cyclists do not get fined for exceeding 30mph on speed-restricted routes and queries why Bristol City Council place a big emphasis on cycling infrastructure when only two per cent of residents regularly cycle.

  • Uncompromiser

    Almost all cyclists are out of control, law breaking idiots who endanger pedestrians, other road users and themselves. Their arrogant and rude response to being admonished for their lawbreaking only makes them more susceptible to demonisation.

  • Insy

    Got to love the road tax references. Road tax expired years ago its a tax on emissions which is why electric cars don’t pay any. Driving with a mobile too isnt great neither is jumping the lights or cycling the wrong way down the street.

  • yenrod

    The triggering of the Speed Camera display was him who done that. Ive found for myself to trigger a display like so there cannot be any cars behind me…

    The blokes moaning for no reason…needs to get a life and chill the F out…

  • Ewan

    Self Righteous? Did you actually watch the video he made, whilst driving, using a handheld device on more than one occasion…………
    Twice he complains about cyclists not using the cycle path, and in both cases passes the cyclists dangerously close(check out Rule #163 for a picture on how to pass a cyclist or any other vulnerable road user if your unsure). As a Qualified driving instructor you will then know that Rule #63 of the Highway Code clearly points out that there is no requirement for cyclists to use the Cycle Lane, exactly the same as there is no requirement for Buses to use a Bus lane. I do wonder if he goes around filming Buses who do this too?
    Yes he has valid points regarding Red light jumpers and cyclists who use the pavements are they are the bane of the serious cyclists, but there are as many Drivers who run red lights and drivers who park illegally on pavements too.
    Again hes complaining about the speed a cyclist is doing, whilst using a handheld device, whilst driving faster than the cyclist is……… As i said, hes a bellend.
    In Clip 10 he can be seen to move over to the right to try to block the cyclist from filtering through traffic.
    Id have no issue with his filming if he was doing it safely himself, clearly hes not. Of the 14 clips about 4 are actually valid, the rest are him trying to make himself feel better.
    Hes a hypocrite, nothing less.

  • Stuart McLoughlin

    And before anyone has a go at me about some motorists being bellends, I completely agree. I also see this everyday. I’m a registered driving instructor for both motorbikes and cars and consider myself to be a very safe driver, but I do wonder about some cyclists behavior on public roads. It must be one of the only modes of transport that allows you to go straight on to a public road with little or no training. Like a said, disasters waiting to happen.

  • Stuart McLoughlin

    Ewan, a typical self righteous answer from you. The fact that he felt
    the need to film the ongoing disasters waiting to happen (cyclists) in
    Bristol is the point here. Personally, I don’t have an issue with
    cyclists but at least respect the rules of the road if not for your own
    safety, but the safety of other road users which I might add includes
    pedestrians. Last year a cyclist that I knew very well was killed
    instantly when he ran a red light in Park Street in Bristol and smashed
    into a truck that was turning in the road. He left behind 2 kids with
    another on the way. Cycling in England is on the up. Good for all of
    you, but as a motorist that has to commute 35 miles to work and back
    everyday, I’m amazed that cyclists are not killed on a more regular
    basis with the complete and utter idiocy of some that think because they
    put on some lycra and a helmet that it makes them somehow immune to
    rules of the road, but more importantly, common sense.

  • ian franklin

    Hi William. Is he breaking the law. Or braking his car?

  • Eliot

    road tax? no such thing, vehicle exercise duty for cars, council tax for roads…thanks bye

  • This is quite frankly funny because he’s complaining about the so called cyclist braking the law, but he’s actually braking the law himself by using his phone whilst driving a motor vehicle so he hans’t got any right to complain at all.

  • Carlos

    Apparently this halfwit has little or no idea about the rules of the road. Some of his points, regarding red lights and pathriding PoBs are valid, but little else is. I wonder what his opinion of motorcycles is? And those potholes he’s moaning about? Yes, they fuck us up as well. What a crank…

  • Earl

    He should just get a bicycle if he’s jealous and stop hogging so much of the road causing the very traffic he complains about!

  • Earl

    Is their a law requiring cyclist to have a working speedometer? Not that I know of and therefore how do you expect a cyclist to accurately guage their speed?

  • Simon Crowther

    What a dipstick. If only he knew the laws of the road, he’d be able to answer half his questions. Part of the problem is cyclists riding stupidly but uneducated moronic drivers are far more of a danger.

  • Peter Marlow

    Is that the best he can do???? Absolutely laughable.

  • Ewan

    Driving using a Mobile Phone(or Video Camera) makes Mr Parast a Hypocrite and no better than those who were breaking the Law. At 1.55 #10 you can clearly see he actually pulls over to the right to try to block the cyclist, so thats Dangerous driving is it not. as for the 30mph one, hahahhhahahaa what a Bellend, the flashing 30 is for HIM, not the cyclist. If the cyclist was doing over 30 how fast was he doing, as he has clearly caught the cyclist by the end of the clip. Fud. If your going to moan about people at least be squeaky clean yourself.