British Cycling president Bob Howden is re-elected and says that he's relishing the prospect of a big year ahead as cycling in Britain continues to boom

Bob Howden has been re-elected as president of national governing body British Cycling, and says that “cycling in Britain has never been in better health” as he embarks on a event-packed 2016.

Howden succeeded former president Brian Cookson at British Cycling as Cookson moved on to become Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) president in November 2013.

Howden was voted in for a third year at the British Cycling National Council meeting in Crewe on Saturday.

“I am honoured and delighted to be given the chance to serve for a third year as president,” said Howden. “At the end of my second term, I feel pride for how far we have come – and more excited than ever about where we are going.

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One of Howden’s tasks in the coming 12 months will be to find a replacement sponsor for the national team after Sky decided not to renew its eight-year partnership after 2016.

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“I’m relishing the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2016 – securing a new title sponsor to succeed Sky, making more big strides in our journey to get one million more women cycling by 2020, a home world championships and of course the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Howden.

“National Council is a highlight of the year for me – not because I like meetings but because it’s the moment this wonderful sport, with all its different elements and passions, comes together. Cycling in Britain has never been in better health.”

  • David Hewitt

    BMX is a competitive sport for kids.

    Sadly some influential people in British Cycling (such as George Gilbert) have trouble understanding this.

  • llos25

    What is BMX some sort of self appreciation society.

  • David Hewitt

    British Cycling have been completely dishonest in their justification for changes to youth competition in BMX. Claiming it is for child welfare issues such as travel, then adding more races to the National Series. Something is rotten in the state of BC.

  • Sue Nequest

    As a Founder of NBMXA I am appalled by the British Cycling are handling BMX in this country. We originally set the system up to include children of all ages, gender and nationality because there was a need for children to be involved in an activity which they can excel in by competing.
    Children need to belong to an activity which takes them away from crime and gangs
    Most of the BMX tracks are set up in poorer areas and are open all the time for the kids to use.
    There is also a need in this country for kids to do more excercise because obesity is on the rise Which is exactly what BMX does. These are FACTS which can be easily obtained on the internet.
    British Cycling are NOT promoting BMX to younger children because they fear they will loose funding but all riders have to pay a fee to race so why is there a problem ?
    British Cycling have lied in your article by saying “British Cycling is in good health” because it now has a huge virus attacking it called GREED
    Greed because they have changed their pathway to competitions to suit their own needs and not that of its paying members……Sue Nequest Nottingham Outlaws BMX

  • Larigos

    Shame that the youth review for cycling will ultimately lead to further decline in cycling.

    If you read the review it looks like it was based on lots of hard facts, statistics and research. Then you ask for this evidence and there is little to non. Even in some meetings when questioned about the data etc behind the review it was seen to be floored.

    Will see what next year brings but without sky I doubt many others will jump into being a title sponsor that quickly.