The "voice of cycling" to be commended for his 50 years in the sport.

The “voice of cycling” Phil Liggett is to be awarded the 2015 FT Bidlake Memorial Prize for his contributions to cycling.

Liggett, 72, has enjoyed a 50-year career in the sport, most notably as a commentator.

Named in honour of Frederick Thomas Bidlake, the man considered the father of time trialling, the award is handed out each year to the most outstanding performance or contribution to the betterment of cycling.

“I’m well aware of its history and in such a year too, when British riders did so well in every aspect of the sport; in particular, [Lizzie] Armitstead and [Chris] Froome have been the two stars of the season,” he said.

“I understand it was given because of my history, rather than for this year in particular.”

Liggett started his cycling career as an amateur racer and a journalist here at Cycling Weekly. He then went on to organise 22 additions of the Milk Race alongside making his name as the broadcaster he is most famous for.

He will commentate on his 44th Tour de France and 15th Olympic Games this year. Liggett added: “I haven’t missed a day on the Tour since 1979…at my age I should know better, but I don’t.”

Approaching the twilight of his career, Liggett also commented on the boom in British cycling stating: “It’s come at the end of my career, but in Britain, cycling is a pastime and sport which everyone is interested in.”

Previous recipients of the award include the late Tom Simpson, Olympic and world road champion Nicole Cooke and Tour de France winner Sir Bradley Wiggins. The plaque will be officially handed over to Liggett in early 2016.

  • Tim packer

    Bow wow Rapha.. It’s a shame more people don’t think like you . The problem these days is that people don’t like to hear the truth.. Liggett and sherwin and Sean Kelly all knew the truth yet they continue to act like they know nothing. The 3 wise monkeys springs to mind!!

  • bowwow rapha

    He absolutely knew it and went out of his way to cover it up. The intrerview he did for ITV the day Armstrong was accused by the French in 05, he was straight on the 6p.m. news telling us that if we only knew the man, then we couldn’t possibly imagine these. What brand of bikes was he being handed then, by the van load? I have it from the horses, and the horse did in like him either, but he was a lick and Phliggett was get in the kick for a long time, you could tell by the commentary, to start with, then the jigsaw comes together. The man fills me with disgust and i have nothing but contempt for him!!

  • ummm…

    well, he could have said no comment much sooner but Liggett is one of the major faces of cycling. somebody would have called him out for saying nothing too.

  • Tim packer

    Ummm.. I suppose you’re right.. But I still think him and sherwin are as bad as that doper Armstrong…

  • ummm…

    awwwwww cmon. Now isn’t the time. I thought about saying the same thing but cmon. he is just a commentator. he needs a job. let him have his lil trophy. all the other guys around him get them.

  • Tim packer

    Phill liggett!! The man who probably new Armstrong was doping right back from his days at Motorola .. Yet he didn’t have the balls to say anything. Him and Paul sherwin even now deny they knew anything that was going on .. What a joke

  • James Bolton

    Agree 100 percent. Just wish he was commentating on Eurosport

  • Dave Bloom

    …And well deserved too. I can’t imagine watching the TDF without Phil’s dulcet tones & encyclopedic knowledge!