The latest in the growing portfolio of TV ads by the multiple Olympic Gold Medal winner Victoria Pendleton is this new one for Gatorade. And what a hoot it is.

Filmed at Herne Hill velodrome and the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, the one minute film shows a young artful dodger type on a trials bike swiping Miss P’s bottle from her hand at a Gatorade photo shoot.

High jinks and jolly larks ensue as the fiesty cycling Goddess, who isn’t having any of it, chases the Herbert all over the shop, the only problem being that our villain is none other than top UK trials rider Ali Clarkson who takes any route other than the immaculately smooth surface that Olympic Gold Medal winning track cyclists prefer to do battle on.

We won’t spoil the end but will direct you to the ‘Making of….’ vid which is also here for your amusement.

  • Dorothy Clarkson

    If you’ve watched ‘The Making of Look After Your Bottle’, you’ll remember that Victoria is amazed that “(Ali’s) mum lets him do that!”, well, I’m his mum and I wouldn’t stop him for a moment, but what Ali didn’t know was that his grandfather used to cycle at Herne Hill seventy years ago, before the Second World War rather destroyed young men’s hope and ambitions! He would have been so proud and thrilled to see the film!

  • H Jones

    That’s actually a really good ad. Better than Sir Chris’s Bran Fakes one! Ha ha