At CW we can’t think of anything better than a cycling related pressie to give, or receive, from fellow bike riding enthusiast. A little geeky, yes, but a well thought-out gift, never the less, goes a long way. Here’s the first of a two-part instalment to give you some food for thought.

Park Tool PZT-2
As carb-lovers, no cyclist’s home is complete without the Park Tool PZT-2 Pizza cutter. Resembling a Penny Farthing, the Pizza slicer is the bigger brother of the original Pizza Tool and is designed to cut through most pizza bases effortlessly. Using a larger diameter, stainless steel blade for smooth running and a larger blue plastic body for increase strength, means you shouldn’t need anything else when tackling a pizza. Park Tool also have Barbecue Tongs, Bottle Openers and Pint Glasses for a complete set. SRP: £17.99


Cycling Jewellery

It’s our subtle appreciation of bike geekery that meant our attention was drawn to the beautiful hand made HannMaid and Cycling Jewellery pieces. It’s cycling related accessories and jewels are intricately crafted to give us a range of cufflinks, rings, necklaces and figurines. Solid silver jewellery can be purchased directly from Embroidered cufflinks from

Lezyne Port-a-Shop Tool Kit
It’s often annoying to take your entire toolbox everywhere you go, even if it’s in your car. Lezyne has come up with a solution and condensed most of what you need in any emergency, all wrapped up in a handy holdall, which is surprisingly big enough to be helpful in the garage too. Chain breaker, Allen keys, tube patches and a bottle opener, handy. SRP: £89.99


Raleigh Chrome Unicycle
The unicycle is probably on every cyclist’s to do list. And being the dedicated people we are it won’t be enough to simply have a go, but we’ll have to master it too, as there shouldn’t be anything that resembles a bike that we can’t ride. This simple yet devilishly hard to ride cycle is now brought in by Raleigh, in the form of this 20inch chromed version, which will set you back around £100.


Brooks Brixton Bag
Possibly the most versatile bag that Brooks has in its range to date, and with the company nearing 150 years of experience, this water resistant holdall offers all that rolled into one. The Brixton Tote and Shoulder bag allows for several different holding positions, held on a shoulder or rolled out into a larger satchel for him or for her. This all does come with a hefty pricetag though, so expect to pay £198.58 for one of three available colours.


  • Ronal Dotson

    Hi Symon, its look like you are a hard core cycle lover. You have shared pretty interesting and unique gift option. I like you post

  • Ken Evans

    Get a track pump !