Just two weeks after clinching the National 10-mile competition record, Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-Quickvit RT) added the 25-mile competition record to his collection.

The 38-year-old London-based Northern Irishman clocked 45 minutes and 46 seconds for the distance on the R25/3L course from Glynneath to Resolven and Aberdulais in South Wales.

Port Talbot Wheelers were blessed with almost perfect conditions for their event on Sunday, where Hutch sliced eight seconds off the previous record from 2009, held by David McCann.

“Just like the 10 record a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t really going there intending to go for the record,” said Hutchinson afterwards. “I like racing in Wales because I’ve done quite a few races there over the years and met quite a few people so it’s good socially.

“The conditions weren’t quite as good as they were for the 10 and I felt like I had seen better days on that course, but obviously haven’t gone quicker. There was a bit of a breeze but if it’s in the right place it helps you.”

Clearly a man with some superb form, Hutchinson lowered the 10-mile record by 12 seconds a fortnight ago in East Yorkshire, and that record now stands at 17-45.

But which record is he more proud to hold?

“I already held the 10 record, so I was breaking my own mark, whereas I’ve never held the 25 record.

“Years ago I would’ve thought that the 25 was easier to break than the ten, but in fact I’ve broken the 10 twice since then. I don’t know which record I’m prouder to hold though. The 25 record has been around longer, but I like tens because they are faster so I really don’t know.”

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  • Henry Ellis

    I remember Stan Higginson setting a new 25 mile record with 56 mins ? secs – we honestly thought in the 1950s that such a time could never be beaten – Now Hutchinson has taken 11 mins off that old record, amazing.

  • Kez

    average 34.38 M.PH!!!! for the 10 mile TT……That’s crazy!

  • Valerie Taylor

    How about the complete result sheet of this event??

  • Ian Dow

    Good question, what does it ‘prove’? The course exploits a loophole in CTT’s course design rules, which limit the horizontal distance between start and finish but not the vertical distance. While attempting to eliminate wind assistance they have forgotten about gravity!

    So if you want to know what it proves, try riding the course the other way round!

  • stuart stanton

    It’s still a silly course…..what does it actually ‘prove’ at the end of the day? Not a silly as Dudley felt when he got caught just before that big red X on the road mind you.

  • john cocker

    A good job done by PTW, thank you. TT’s hinges on finding kit,courses and weather conditions that add to all the hard work that also goes into shaving seconds off pbs. Riding busy dual carriageways could also be seen as silly but people are chasing time on them week in week out. Hats off to all the people achieving PB’s and holding there nerve on the descent.

  • Mike

    I’m with Dave on this one.

    If the course is that easy how come everyone is not setting records on it?

  • Ian Dow

    Just checked the course details on CTT website, and yes – it really is silly. It starts with a seven-mile descent of over 500 feet, and finishes at the bottom of it!

  • stuart stanton

    great ride but a silly course – far more down than up, you’d have thought it would be the other way round in the Valleys. On an older version of this course there was an absolute stinger of a climb on the way out at the ‘Rock & Fountain’ pub. Dai from the Porth once painted a big red X on the road there to wind up a rival …… ah !! if only….

  • Baz

    Younger readers may not appreciate the significance of Dave Bonner’s congratulations; he is a former competition record holder at the distance himself. Early 60s?

  • andy

    I suppose we’ll just have to guess what time this new record is ?

  • liverlipslouis

    Isn’t the first ten miles seriously downhill?

  • Dave Bonner

    Well done Hutch, a fantastic time