Fabio Taborre, formerly of Androni Giacattoli-Sidermec, is banned until 2019 after testing positive for a blood boosting drug


Former Androni Giacattoli-Sidermec rider Fabio Taborre will not be able to return to racing until 2019 after being handed a four year ban for taking a blood booster that ‘stimulates the production of EPO’.

The Italian, who failed a test on June 16 last year, was one of two riders on his team to test positive for performance enhancing drugs, along with sprinter Davide Appollonio, leading to the team being the first to be suspended under new UCI rules.

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According to a statement on the UCI website: “The Anti-Doping Tribunal found the rider guilty of an anti-doping rule violation (presence of FG-4592) and imposed a 4-year period of ineligibility on the rider.

“In accordance with the Procedural Rules of the Anti-Doping Tribunal, the reasoned decision will shortly be published on the UCI website.”

Appollonio was also banned for four years for his failed test, with Androni team manager Gianni Savio undertaking legal action on the pair.

  • Al Parente

    Taborre, sono semplicemente allibito! Ma è così difficile capire che non la si fa franca, in nessun modo?? Cosa diavolo credevi di ottenere? Hai distrutto quel che per molti è un sogno, e non hai capito il privilegio di cui godevi!

  • Bob

    I’m getting bored defending cycling to mates who equate the sport to drugs, by saying that if other sports like football made the effort the cycling bodies do to catch the guilty, then they wouldn’t be so quick to judge it in isolation (and I believe that), but the constant drip of riders outed every week who don’t seem to realise the damage they do the sports credibility for everyone just makes me think there’s no real answer and the problem will never be eradicated

  • Who?