We asked readers who attended the London Track World Cup over the weekend (February 16-19) to comment on their experience.

The overall feeling is that both the event and venue were a resounding success, with spectators praising the venue, quality of racing and atmosphere.

It was the London velodrome’s inaugural event, and the first of the new London 2012 Olympic buildings to host a test event ahead of the Games this July.

With building work still continuing at the park as a whole, visitors to the velodrome had to be bussed in from the park entrance. This caused considerable bottlenecks as spectators queued for a place on the transport on the opening night on Thursday. By Sunday, the system had been refined and the queues seemed to be kept to a minimum. 

Other recurring complaints regarded the limited toilet facilities and choice/cost of food.

We asked the following question via Twitter: “Did you go to the London velodrome at the weekend to watch the Track World Cup? If you did, what did you think of the experience?”

And here are a selection of the replies we received:

Jim Clayton (@Jim_Clayton)
“TWC – world records, great racing, superb atmosphere. If they can get the mens urinals to drain, they’re on to a winner!”

Ian Mitchell (@YodaMitchell)
“By far the best velodrome I have been to as spectator. For test event everything worked. GB cyclists weren’t too bad either.”

Paul Hogan (@Paul01Hogan)
“Went on Saturday night, 1st time to track racing, great velodrome, great atmosphere, great performance by GB Team”

Scott Taylor (@Scott_Taylor78)
“Fantastic! Great building, amazing atmosphere. A few things to iron out, but overall, very well done.”

Mike Barnard (@mike_barnard)
“TWC great venue, great racing, great atmosphere, friendly staff. Only negative was limited food/drink choice and v costly”

Steve Wiltshire (@stevewilts)
“Yes I was at every session. Racing was magnificent. Not pleased at ticketing or availability of tickets to cycling fans though!”

Rick Chasey (@RickChasey)
“TWC – great, apart from terrible food. Doubt prawn sandwich brigade will match the atmosphere come the Olympics though.”

Dennis McSweeney (@mcswedx)
“Went Friday pm with 3 mates, we loved it, the only bad point was waiting for the busses to get out of the park”

You can read more reaction from spectators at the London Track World Cup in this week’s Cycling Weekly magazine

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  • Tony

    I travelled in from the Cotswolds for the Sunday programme, which ( mens team pursuit resul apart!) was fantastic. Having received an e mail from Ticketmaster and a link to the Olympic website which said I could take in a ‘small packed lunch’ I opted for sandwiches which were not confiscated and avoided the need for any overpriced purchases.
    I did find the seat very uncomfortable by the end of the day, but did find the bus situation both in and out as very good and seemingly much better than reported by others on earlier days.
    All in all a fantastic day out.

  • Rich Hebden

    I went all day on Sunday and my overall impression was the Velodrome and the event itself was a great success. The Velodrome is stunning inside and out and produces a great atmosphere. There were a few negatives from the whole day though – lack of signs at Westfield Shopping Centre, crazy price for poor food at the Velodrome (sandwich, crisps & coke for £8!) and most of the Velodrome staff (not the London Prepares volunteers who were all excellent) could hardly speak English. Finally another thought on the food options – in a building where the temperature is controlled and did not drop below 80 degrees, don’t sell chocolate unless it’s stored in a fridge !

  • davidwatkins

    who are these people who get tickets to every session londeners i suppose same old story spent all morning on computor supposed bc easier access site nothing makes you wonder why bother being a bc member

  • ron jenkins

    Ken Evans ……… same thing over here in Oz as regards closed shop food I’m afraid,and not just at bike events.

  • Ken Evans

    Britain’s reputation for food continues !

    You would have thought that LOCOG would have got some UK celebrity chefs in,
    to really show the rest of the world that the British can actually cook !

    Because of “security”, its a closed-shop rip-off monopoly situation.

  • Graeme

    I was there on Friday afternoon and both sessions on Saturday. Travelled from Wick Caithness, to the event with 3 others. took a 110mile drive, flight from Inverness to Gatwick, the Gatwick express, underground and taxi to get there..all to find out there was no hot food within the venue… arriving 40minutes before the start of the event but still managed to miss a few races due to the security checks and buses, having to walk around the stadium as the stairs were closed off etc… plus they were very slow at loading the buses at the end of each session as it took over an hour to get out of the olympic park. but hey the stadium is amazing! excellent atmosphere on the Saturday night! plus being allowed to wonder around the venue was great just to see the action from different parts of the stadium.

  • Baz

    So, Steve Wiltshire, how on earth did you get to “every session”? Let the rest of us (who were on the ticketing website when it opened and still failed to get anything) in on the secret please!