Liam Beaty set his KoM up the B6357 in southern Scotland on August 25 and hung onto it by six seconds after the Tour of Britain peloton passed by

Normally when a professional bike race passes through your local cycling patch you can wave goodbye to any hope of hanging on to your Strava KoMs, but when the Tour of Britain passed into Scotland one local amateur held off the big boys.

Liam Beaty set his best time up the exotically named ‘B6357 climb’ segment just two weeks ago on August 25, with an average speed of 16.9mph up the 2.7mi hill, which averages four per cent, for a time of 9-35.

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When the Tour of Britain passed over the border on its way to Kelso on Tuesday, Madison-Genesis’s Matt Cronshaw was the closest rider to matching that time, falling six seconds short.

JLT-Condor rider Graham Briggs finished eighth on the stage and picked up the same number of KoMs along the 139mi route, including the Dingleton Climb – the final ascent on the course – but saw that snatched straight away by Madison-Genesis‘s Tom Stewart.

Stage four of the race departs Edinburgh and finishes back over the border into Northumberland to the stage finish in Blyth.

  • Berth Ljunggren

    I find it fun to challenge myself a bit, Brytonsport does not show segments like strava, nice to see if i can beat myself. But yes i am just a big amateur 🙂

  • Berth Ljunggren

    Not even close to any KOM’s did a uphill that was used in the Velothon here and ended up at spot 2672 or something 🙂 but at 126kilos i am at a rather large disadvantage against the 60-80 kilo people, likely with more experience and better bikes. This was on a 85km ride.

  • Sean

    Strava segments are getting a bit carried away. My 30 mile cycle racks up about 25 segments, most of which I don’t even know, or cant be bothered working out where they are placed.

  • Dudley Samuels


  • Dudley Samuels

    is Strava popular with a high % of riders who don’t actually race FOR REAL , eh TT or Road racing . Strava was explained to me on a cycle tour weekend in Italy , the person was excited to explain it to me but I came to the conclusion , it reminds me of Paint Balling which is pretend soliders , is Strava pretend racing – I don’t know you tell me ?

  • Dustin D.

    I guess since he kept his kom’s he should probably quit his day job….

  • J1

    KOMs mean bugger all, a lot of the time people go out for a short ride with the sole purpose of trying to get one or two. Amateurs do it on a 30 mile ride, the pros do it on a 130 mile ride, whilst racing in between, there’s no comparison. Go and race to properly assess how quick you are!

  • George Lupton

    Did any of the pros even get into the top 20 on Redstone Rigg today?

  • Marc Mounsey

    I held 3 of mine yesterday. Admittedly they weren’t climbs but I was expecting to lose them all 🙂