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  • Well fitting
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  • Redundant Lace up system


Giro Empire Road Shoes


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Taylor Phinney is known for his ‘out there’ look. Being the backbone behind the Giro Empire road shoe development, which he used for the 2012 Giro d’Italia and Olympic Games, the Empire does turn heads.

The one-piece outer Teijin shell with the lace-up retention system not only gives an old-school look with a modern twist, but works well for a secure all-over fit, which gives the Giro shoe a very comfortable feel and as adjustment is pretty much tailored to you, along with the adjustable arch, they should fit a range of different foot shapes.

The main drawback to the lace-up system is that once you’re rolling you’re pretty much stuck with it unless you stop, so it takes a couple of attempts to get it right, and while the Easton Carbon Composite outsole isn’t the stiffest it certainly helps keep the power transfer efficient enough to maintain the balance between performance and comfort.


A handy tab keeps the laces from straying into danger areas and if silver and fluoro yellow isn't your thing then you'll be pleased to hear that they're also available in black.

  • Fenix

    So for £200 you get old school laces. Not the stiffest sole. And it gets 4/5 ?

    Some big flaws there and it still hits a very high score.

    What about reflectives ? Are there any ? Any £20 pair of running shoes comes with this – and 99% of runners are on pavements. I’d have thought its a brilliant idea for those of us using the roads.

    What cleats is it compatible with ?

    What is the sizing like ?

    Is it ok to walk in or will you want to cycle every last inch before tentatively dismounting ?

    This review is pretty useless – it’s more “looking at things” than reviewing.

    If your guys are too pushed for time to do it properly then send some my way.
    This is just a waste of pixels so far. Thanks.