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Look 675


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French company Look is synonymous with the pro peloton. The 675 is its latest offering, sporting its new integrated A-Stem and is aimed at the sportive market.

What’s interesting to note on the 675 is that the new A-Stem and Direct Drive system hasn’t gone in at the very top end of the Look range. Instead it’s inserted at a more affordable level within the sportive market – the market that appears to be steering bike brands into producing more compliant frames at the upper echelons.

The A-Stem runs in line with the top tube, giving the bike its unique profile. Made from machined 3D forged aluminium, the stem gives the option of -15° and +15° of rise adjustment. A neat half-moon spacer is housed in the handlebar clamp to adjust the reach.

Aluminium stems and bars are popular in the pro peloton for their rigidity, and the stem is complemented by a set of 3T Ergonova alloy bars. The integration continues with a seatpost clamp recessed into the top tube, keeping the line from seat cluster to head tube smooth.

Go Direct
It’s this integration that has allowed Look to apply its Direct Drive concept. The head tube, tapering from 1in to 1 1/8in, has a shortened pivot and does away with the need for headset spacers, giving the 675 the appearance of a ‘slammed’ front end. The old maxim that looks can be deceiving is pertinent, because this Look certainly is deceiving. It appears far racier than it really is.

A standard 86.5mm press-fit bottom bracket is integrated into the frame, giving a very neat finish. While simultaneously protecting its contents from the elements, the other bonus is that widening the frame in that area creates increased lateral stiffness for better power transition through the pedals.

A new manufacturing process of strengthening the three most relevant zones on the frame – bottom bracket, head tube and seat cluster – before placing the carbon into the mould, has produced a frame that is stiff and strong.

The effects are noticeable on the road, both in comfort and acceleration. The frame geometry gives the bike a tall front end, which provides greater comfort for long hours in the saddle (a Fizik Ardea to be specific). It’s a very easy bike to live with, whether you’ve been riding a road bike for a lifetime or a lunchtime.

Adding to the bike’s useability is the Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset. Balancing functionality with a not-so-out-of-reach price tag, it marries the obedient but performance-driven frame perfectly.

The 675 features integrated cable passages for electronic groupsets that allows cabling to run internally through the down tube.

The battery mount is beside the BB on the underside of the down tube; an ideal location as the added weight of the battery adds to the heft of the chainset and BB.

The compact chainset (50/34) is expected and indeed ideal for a bike of this genre, capable for a variety of parcours whether attacking the cols or a Sunday club run.

There are options for different wheelsets for the 675, as well as groupsets.

The test bike came with Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR wheels that appeal on two counts: visually their black braking surface and bladed spokes look great, and aurally they make a terrific whizz when braking reminiscent of the flying saucer bearing down in War of the Worlds. This satisfying noise is from the Exalith braking surface that Mavic introduced to improve braking and handling.

The spokes are Mavic’s carbon R2R (‘rim to rim’) and although a little harsh at times and sometimes problematic in crosswinds, go some way towards explaining the 675’s impeccable handling when cornering.

The rail deal
You can find inspiration in the most unlikely places. If asked to sum up the Look 675 in one sentence, it would be a line from a wholly incongruous film that springs to mind. Because like Richard Gere’s silver Lotus in Pretty Women, “This baby corners like it’s on rails.”
The bike arrived for the test at roughly the same time as the snow hit our shores.

To give a bike a thorough test, hours need to be clocked up. It’s useful to try to replicate all types of riding such as hills and the odd signpost sprint. For the majority of the time spent on the bike, conditions were far from perfect, but the enjoyment was the same and this is a fact that speaks volumes.

A bike that can perform in those conditions should perform when the roads are drier and the weather warmer. When it did brighten up, it didn’t disappoint. The ride quality is sublime and with its supreme handling, it’s a pleasure to ride in all circumstances but one: crosswinds are a bugbear.

Deep-section wheels are certainly in demand for their aesthetics as much as their speed-enhancing quality, but think objectively when choosing hoops. Going too deep impairs handling and adds weight.

It would have been interesting to see just how differently the bike behaves with a box-section rim. But that’s splitting hairs – the Look 675 is a great bike whose aesthetics will divide opinion.


One thing everyone will agree on after riding it is its ease of use: it's a bike for anyone and everyone. Although the 675 may not herald another industry landmark like the clipless pedal, this is another brilliant bike and is certain to become another brand-defining moment for Look.


Wheels:Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR
Stem:Look A-stem
Size Tested:M
Size Range:XS-XL
Seat Post:Look Carbone 27.2
Saddle:Fizik Ardea
Group Set:Shimano Ultegra Di2
Frame:Look HM monobloc
Bars:3T Ergonova
  • Alex

    I bought one last summer and i love it, after years of riding conventional boring designs i fall in love with the innovating aggressive and aerodynamic design that in a beginning though it was uncomfortable but right after i tested for a few days i felted incredibly comfortable, a perfect combination of stiffness and comfort, great acceleration and aerodynamics. I added a set of mad fiber carbon wheels and it totally stands out and ride even better. Cant get over of how great It is.
    To me the black label model is the one. LOVE IT!

  • Steve Stewart-Sturges

    I bought one of these around a month ago and built it up with Campy Chorus 11Sp and Fulcrum Quattro wheels. Contrary to some opinions I think it look very Euro cool and gets many positive comments from fellow cyclists. It is extremely stiff, yes, but the geometry soaks up much of the harshness, it is more of a grand fondo machine not a steep angled racer hell bent on driving the saddle up, well, you know what I mean… Acceleration is positive, it climbs very well, all the power goes to the wheel, comfy enough to be a all day machine to sit on, yet corners amazingly well and tracks beautifully. And I find the ride really nice even on these rough macadam strips that pass for roads here in Queensland.. Worth the dosh in my opinion..

  • Colin Condron

    What can I say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and I own one and am proud to say. Its by far the best bike I have ever been on and always puts a smile on my face. I only wish I was 20 years younger to be able to push it to its limits. Even when I am on my Tacx trainer I enjoy the bike ok ok
    I am in love even my wife does not mind.

  • Malkavian

    Bought one of these with the Ultegra mechanical groupset and Kysirium Elite S wheels. It is a very comfortable bike especially so after riding an aluminium frame. (Giant SCR 1). Definitely sold on carbon fibre as a frame material. I have rheumatoid arthritis so comfort is a big deal for me and this bike, although of a more aggressive geometry, is one that I can happily sit on and pedal away on for a lot longer. The 3T bars with their ergonomic shape were a revelation. Just because we call them handlebars does not mean they have to be a simple bar! Aesthetics are as ever reside within the eye of the beholder. I quite like the “Look” and it’s certainly a little different from the usual assemblage of Trek and Giant. It’s also made in France. I avoided the deep carbon wheels in favour of the Kysirium after reading too many bad reviews as regards cross winds and it looks and altogether better bike with the Kysirium. Looks aside, it’s a great ride.

  • petef

    Are you sayingh this bike is £3799 with Di2 and Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR, if so where from my local shop is telling me it’s 333799 with standard ultegra and standard Ali wheels



  • Dai

    As a reasonably experienced cyclist I bought a Specialised Roubaix expert 5 years ago (le Jog Solo, Le Jog as a group of three in seven and half days and last year north to south Wales in one day ) the Roubaix served me well ,Having completed a house extension for the girlfriend and looking for a new bike ,she bought me this as a big thankyou ,ladies and gentlemen you cannot believe the difference between the two bikes ,it rides like nothing else. ugly maybe, work of art possibly a fantastic ride most definately .climb on board and tell me different

    regards Dai

  • Mike Murphy

    My current bike is a Look 566. I do like the design very much. Across the pond, I was looking for a bicycle that I did not see every where I rode, the 566 fit the bill.

    If I had the money, I would trade out for the 675 in a heartbeat! Great looking bike! I would even try the Black Edition and have some minor custom striping done.

  • Ken Dawson

    My opinion is that most bikes will go this way with regards the stem design. Put this next to the conventional design and this leads the way. Ugly, no it is not, it’s different and the magazine advert does a great job of focussing on the sleek design.
    If I was looking for a new bike this would be my first choice I’m sure.

    This may well force the end of rising stems and spacers which when you really look at a bike is the ugliest part about them.

  • Billiam Linered

    Bike porn for the optically challenged? Ewww, just ewwwww!

  • Richard Hunter

    Agreed, it’s pretty ugly. When I turbo train, I put a sweat cover over my bike to protect the frame and it looks like that!

  • mark walker

    i bought one a few weeks ago ,wanting some thing different , test rode one and never LOOKed back excuse the pun , fantastic ride very pleased with it . bring on the summer

  • Kevin Barrett

    This looks brilliant, and different from anything else out there. It’s all about integration baby.

    But it’s all in the ride, and if it rides as well as it looks, I would have one. Lovely. But not in the alternative black label colour, the one tested above looks better imo.

  • Richard E

    I think it looks great! The aero design is pretty special. If nothing else, it is a great marketing exercise for Look as everyone will be talking about it!

  • Gethski

    If they made the top tube flatter it would be a trully stunning bike. Unfortunately it looks like a mountain bike at the monent. Bring on the race version!

  • Tom Jennings

    Agree with Matthew. Could be the best bike in the world for all I know but I wouldn’t care – it just looks horrible.

  • philiprints

    I think this is smashing. If I could I would.

  • Ian E

    I think it looks really ugly and even if I could afford it, I would not buy it. There are plenty of beautifull looking and performing bikes out there at this price and below!

  • Matthew Willmott

    Ugly. With so many amazing looking bikes on the market, I certainly wouldn’t be putting this anywhere near my top ten list. Although, if we all liked the same things, the world would be pretty boring.